“I called them on a Saturday night. They answered my call, scheduled an appointment for the next day, and I spoke with a lawyer right away. Unbelievable!”
-Eddie, Midtown


Your neck is one of the most vulnerable parts of your body in an accident, because it’s the most mobile. Whereas, your body is more stationary, as long as it’s held back by a seatbelt. It’s going to stay still while your head is going to wrench your neck back and forth in a crash.

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National Name Your Car Day

Herbie. General Lee. Lightning McQueen. Bandit. Do you recognize those names? Those are all popular car names from the past few decades. Some people can’t resist naming their vehicle–whether it’s a manly name, cutesy, or from another planet. If you haven’t given yours a little nickname, we say it’s about that time. After all, October

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