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Don’t listen to the big insurance companies! Fast Help will tell you everything the insurance company doesn’t want you to know, and more, about how to handle car damage from an accident.

Repair Recommendations

The insurance company will try to persuade you to visit one of their preferred shops to get your car repaired. But did you know you’re allowed to take your car wherever you want?

Big insurance companies have their own partnerships with local businesses because they are inexpensive and work quickly. But insurance companies do not have the car owners’ best interest at heart. Fast Help does.

Those shops are preferred for a reason, and it’s not always because they are the best. Fast Help has partnerships with local repair shops where your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Our relationships ensure your car repairs are approached with the best parts available to get you back on the road faster.

Even after your car is fixed at an independent shop, you’re still entitled to a devaluation check, something a preferred shop will never mention. Because of their partnerships, they want to save money for their friends at the insurance company.

Repair Recs
Navigate Insurance

Navigate Big Insurance Companies

Fast Help’s independent shop owners have extensive experience in dealing with insurance companies and providing quality car rental services while your vehicle is getting repaired. Remember – insurance companies want to pay out as little money as possible, so it’s up to you to tell them what you’re owed. You will need to arm yourself with how to deal with them, and Fast Help can help with that. Insurance companies are not “good neighbors”, and they do not “have your back”!

How’s Your Car?

My Car is Totaled

If your car is no longer drivable because of the accident, never release your car to an insurance company. Stay in control so you can have a clearer picture of the path to recovery and the highest settlement possible. Plus, the more property damage obtained to your car, the higher your personal injury claim will be, if you have one in place.

With a totaled car, coordinating next steps can feel overwhelming. Fast Help works with independent body shops, wrecker yards, and tow truck drivers who will take your car out of the hands of insurance companies and back into yours.

We’ll pick your car up from wherever it is and tow it to an independent body shop or wrecker yard. Don’t worry-we’ll cover all the fees for transportation. You’ll pay nothing!

My Car is Repairable

Don’t give in to the insurance company’s requests. You have the right to take your car wherever you want! If you can drive it, take your car to one of Fast Help’s independent, no-affiliation repair shops.

Other repair shops will just fix the aesthetics, ignoring the important repairs underneath like safety features. Fast Help’s network of body shops promise to restore all the parts that matter because your safety depends on it.

How Much Money Will I Get for My Car?

The diminished value of your car is commonly misunderstood because insurance companies avoid discussing it. This amount is the financial value your car lost based on the accident.

You’re entitled to the full market price or replacement value. The devaluation check will be equivalent to what it costs to replace your car, not what a “book” offers (i.e. Kelley Blue Book or Black Book).

Often, the first offer that insurance companies put on your car is not total market value or what you deserve. Work with the experts at Fast Help to ensure you’re getting the highest devaluation check possible.

Damaged Car
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How Does a Carfax Report Impact My Devaluation Check?

If a police report was filed, a Carfax report is made. Obviously, your car is not worth as much as it would be if it never got in an accident. The Carfax report shows where a car has been hit and the level of impact.

Carfax provides a complete overview of frame and structural damage. The amount of damage impacts the amount on a devaluation check. More damage means more money for you. As long as the car is still in your name, you can receive a devaluation check up to ten years after an accident.

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Female Driver hit by Semi-Truck

A 42-year-old female was returning home from work when she had a
head-on collision when a truck-driver attempted a left hand turn.
The case was settled for $512,000.00 prior to litigation.

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