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Whiplash Injury

When filing a whiplash injury claim, those affected are often forced to follow through with particular legal actions to retain their ability to receive compensation for damages caused by a negligent party.

Although most whiplash injury claims are settled outside of court or before being presented to a jury, the best chance a victim has in receiving a settlement offer is by filing a lawsuit against those who are considered to be liable and then developing a settlement strategy.

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Impact of Whiplash Injuries

The extent of the damages sustained has a significant influence on the timing of filing a personal injury claim or lawsuit. In most cases, the physical trauma suffered by a patient or car accident victim is not immediately noticeable following an auto collision or injury. Usually, the full extent of a victim’s whiplash symptoms can take several weeks to a few months to become recognizable to legal professionals.

In severe cases, whiplash injuries can cause immediate and prolonged medical concerns for victims. The cervical region of the spine plays a significant role in regulating personal mobility and physical comfort; any type of alteration or damage can cause permanent complications as it pertains to the victim’s ability to follow through with basic activities without experiencing chronic pain.

Similar to other kinds of soft tissue injuries, whiplash is difficult to monitor and track in medical records because it doesn’t appear in X-ray scans or other diagnostic tests – making it difficult to provide evidence that outlines the true extent of the damage sustained.

How Pain Affects Personal Injury Claims

Most whiplash injuries resolve on their own and even serious cases tend to go away within a few months. So, if an accident victim experiences symptoms that exist beyond two or three months, there may be something more significant than a typical whiplash injury.

Symptoms such as stiffness, tingling, inflammation, and limited mobility that last for more than a few months could indicate the presence of cervical or intervertebral damage. It may also suggest cervical muscle damage or injuries to the nerve roots that surround the neck.

In either case, prolonged symptoms associated with a neck injury should not be overlooked or casually diagnosed as “whiplash.” Instead, seek professional medical treatment and if symptoms persist, work with one of Fast Help’s accident injury doctors to achieve positive results. Not only is this important for one’s personal health, it is also important for those involved in injury-related insurance claims or personal injury suits.

To follow through with a whiplash personal injury claim, it’s important to have documented medical records that justify and prove the extent of the injury, how the injury has affected one’s ability to maintain a well-rounded life, and how the injury has prevented the victim from performing their professional obligations.

The Process of Filing A Whiplash Personal Injury Claim In Atlanta, GA

Speaking with one of Fast Help’s personal injury attorneys can provide clarity and insight around the best method to pursue compensation for a whiplash injury. In most personal injury cases, victims need to recognize and document the damages that pertain to their claims before notifying any party of their intent to follow through with a lawsuit.

The plaintiff or accident victim will need to review their claim from a legal perspective to ensure that their lawsuit is in fact viable. An Atlanta personal injury attorney can help an accident victim navigate this process, offering key information around filing dates, which forms need to be processed, what kinds of evidence need to be gathered and logged, as well as ensure that the victim’s legal rights are asserted in a court of law.

Expectations Around Whiplash Injury Claims and Compensation

Settlements or trial verdicts for whiplash injury cases vary significantly, although most cases of mild to moderate damage are valued between $5,000 and $15,000. More significant cases, where the victim requires extensive treatment that’s rendered over the course of several months, may cost the negligent party upwards of $40,000 or more.

Neck injuries that go beyond soft-tissue damage or those that affect the spine can easily exceed over $100,000 depending on the circumstances of the personal injury case.

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