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Personal Injuries

Thousands of Atlanta residents are involved in auto accidents each year. Whether the accident is considered minor or severe, most victims will need to follow through with a personal injury claim to collect compensation for the damages sustained.

Although each auto accident contains unique circumstances and characteristics, there are a few basic steps that anyone affected by a collision can take to ensure the integrity of their claim. If you are involved in a car accident, call the experts at Fast Help right away to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney or doctor.

Fast Help is the premier Atlanta accident injury helpline that connects victims with the legal or medical resources they need to protect their finances and long-term health. Just dial (404) 592-0318.

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After a Car Accident

A car accident can produce significant stress depending on the circumstances, making it difficult to impossible to think clearly and respond appropriately. If your vehicle is struck by another driver, the first thing you should do is call the police and ask for a paramedic. Injuries can occur from minor fender benders. It’s important to have medical experts evaluate your health, especially if you need to file a personal injury claim because of a spine injury or some other condition.

While you are being seen by the paramedics, the police will review the circumstances and conditions surrounding the car accident. They will draft an official report that outlines information such as the location of the accident, the road conditions, and other variables that could have contributed to the collision. Their report will also indicate who the officer believes is at-fault or liable for the accident.

You can use the medical and police reports in court to justify your injuries, as well as the compensation you are looking for.

If possible, try to collect the contact information, driver’s license number, and the insurance information of all other drivers involved. If there are witnesses who saw the accident take place, ask for their contact information as well. Although the police will likely take pictures of the accident scene, you should also try to capture images on your smart phone that demonstrate the road conditions at the time of the collision, the damage your vehicle sustained, and any obvious trauma you’ve experienced such as bruises or lacerations.

If you should speak with the other drivers involved or their insurance providers, make sure to remain mindful of what you say and do not offer anything that can be misconstrued as an admission of guilt. If you are questioned by anyone, you are allowed to refer them to the Atlanta personal injury attorney you’ve obtained through Fast Help.

Seek Medical Treatment After A Car Accident

It’s important to see an Atlanta personal injury doctor as soon as possible following a car accident for multiple reasons. First, there are a variety of common car accident injuries that do not produce noticeable symptoms and being evaluated by a physician can help protect you from potential health threats.

Secondly, if you do follow through with a personal injury claim, a court will need to see that you were treated by a doctor, that your injuries were the direct result of your car accident, and that your injuries required immediate attention. If your symptoms do not resolve after seeing a doctor, you are entitled to obtain a second opinion.

It may also be helpful to keep a running journal or record of your health, the injuries you’ve sustained, and the kinds of symptoms you’ve had to endure. It is common for accident victims to sustain injuries like whiplash without exhibiting any immediate symptoms. The success of any personal injury claim that seeks compensation depends on your ability to provide medical records and other forms of evidence that document your injuries, their connection to the collision, and their influence on your personal or professional obligations.

Speaking With Insurance Companies

Contact your automobile insurance provider as soon as you can to report your accident. Your insurance company will offer you a claim number, ask you about the circumstances leading up to and following your accident, as well as ask you to provide an official statement.

You will also need to report the car accident to the insurance company of every other driver involved. It’s important to remain as cautious as possible when speaking with another driver’s provider as they represent the interests of their company, as well as their client.

Do not agree to an official or recorded statement and do not sign anything until you have met with your personal injury attorney. You have a legal right to refuse to cooperate with another driver’s insurance company and providing any verbal or written information that potentially sees you liable for the accident will most likely destroy your claim.

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Hire A Personal Injury Attorney From Fast Help

Dealing with insurance companies can be overwhelming and complicated. Following a car accident, it can be extremely stressful to collect and provide all of the documentation needed for a personal injury claim. Fast Help’s experienced personal injury attorneys can help guide you through the court system, speak with insurance providers on your behalf, and protect your legal rights. If you sustain a neck injury or some type of debilitating condition, you may need long-term financial security. Our network of attorneys can help you achieve this.

Hiring an attorney that operates on a contingency agreement or doesn’t require payment unless you win your settlement gives you the best chance of receiving the most compensation possible, while also providing peace of mind around your personal finances.

Call (404) 592-0318 to speak with one of Fast Help’s personal injury attorneys to learn more about your options, how we can help you collect compensation for your damages, and other information that helps direct you on what steps need to be taken following your accident.

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