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Rental Cars

Renting a car isn’t an ordinary experience and can present significant risk since you are not familiar with operating the vehicle or the location you’re in. If you are involved in an auto accident while operating a rental car, the personal injury claim process is not too different than other kinds. Still, there are a few unique considerations to keep top of mind.

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After a Car Accident Involving Rental Cars

Responding to an accident that involves a rental car is similar to crashing your own vehicle. The first thing you should do is to report the incident to the authorities and have emergency responders review your condition.

Ask the responding police officers how you can obtain a copy of their official report, collect the other driver’s contact information, and try to get the names of any witnesses who may have seen what occurred. You need to notify the company that owns your rental and refer to your agreement for instructions on how to obtain roadside assistance, if necessary.

How Pain Affects Personal Injury Claims

Many drivers assume that their personal insurance policy covers all accidents. This is not often the case when an accident involves a rental car. Make sure to review the details of your policy to verify whether rental car coverage is included.

There are two types of insurance coverage:

  • Liability: Covers the costs of treatment for other drivers, as well as their vehicle repairs
  • Collision: Applies to damage you cause your car up to a particular limit

If you signed and paid for a collision damage waiver when first renting your vehicle, all repairs and replacements should be covered by the rental company. However, it likely will not cover the other driver’s or passenger’s damages.

When a Rental Car Company Can Be Held Responsible for an Accident

Determining who is at fault is based on what you or the other driver(s) did or failed to do in the moments leading up to the collision. Most of the time, the rental car company is not the negligent party and is not faced with the burden of providing compensation.

However, a rental car company can be held partially or entirely responsible for an accident if you can prove that the business failed to maintain the vehicle properly or was aware of an issue before the collision took place. For instance, if you are involved in a rear-end collision that happened because your rental car’s ABS braking system malfunctioned, then you may be able to file a claim against the rental car company.

Personal Injury Attorney

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Call Fast Help to talk to an attorney about your case to see what your legal options are. Fast Help provides 24/7 support and connects you with all of the resources you need to cover the costs of your damages. With the amount of stress and frustration that’s associated with car accidents, having to negotiate with insurance companies, adhere to Georgia’s statutes of limitations around personal injury claims, and deal with the rental car company can be overwhelming.

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