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Car Damage

Just about everyone needs a car to get through their day. After your vehicle is damaged in an accident, how are you supposed to get to work, as well as other places you have to be?

Managing your vehicle’s damage can be stressful after a collision, especially if your family only has one car to use, you are not able to afford a new car, or your insurance provider will not cover the cost of your repairs. So, what do you do? At Fast Help, our network of affiliated attorneys can help get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Fast Help is Atlanta’s accident injury helpline that connects victims with attorneys and doctors who specialize in personal injuries. Our affiliated partners can help you recover your repair costs, as well as help you get treatment for any injuries you may have sustained.


Filing a Claim for Car Repairs

If your vehicle is damaged because of another party’s reckless behavior, you may need to file a property damage claim, rather than a personal injury claim. Most personal injury law firms do not provide support for property damage claims, but Fast Help can assist you.

Getting A Temporary Vehicle

While your car is getting repaired, you should ask your insurance provider if they will cover the costs associated with a rental car or provide one for you. You can list the costs of renting a car in your property damage claim to recover your expenses.

Who Is Responsible For Paying For Your Repairs

The party that is deemed responsible for the accident is in charge of the repairs. If you are determined to be at fault, your insurance provider will have to cover the costs of the damage. If another party is responsible, you can ask your insurance company to pay for the damages if you have collision coverage. Your rates will not increase if you refer to your provider since it may be necessary if the at fault operator does not have insurance.

If you use the other party’s insurance provider to cover the costs of the claim, you still have to handle the deductible at the repair shop. However, your expenses will eventually be returned to you when the insurance company pays.

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