Truck Accidents

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration cites over 300,000 semi-truck accidents each year. The cause of most of these accidents derives from distracted drivers and negligent behavior.

Semi trucks weigh tens of thousands of pounds, making it difficult for drivers to make sudden stops or turns when trying to avoid other objects. Their weight and size significantly increase the risk of sustaining severe or fatal injuries in the event of a collision.


Preventing Semi-Truck Accidents

Companies that rely on or employ semi-trucks are governed by state and local legislation that attempts to ensure that all commercial operators are safe to travel. Regulations dedicated to maintenance, driver qualifications, and freight size are all meant to protect the public and other drivers traveling alongside commercial vehicles.

Getting involved in an accident with a semi-truck is a frightening experience that can cause significant physical and emotional trauma. If you sustain any injuries as a result of a truck accident, contact Fast Help to speak with an Atlanta personal injury lawyer for legal support. Depending on your condition, you may need to file a personal injury claim to collect compensation for your damages.

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Regulations Set Parameters and Require Insurance For Semi-Truck Owners

Any company that operates or owns semi-trucks are required by state and federal laws to adhere to a variety of standards that focus on safety. Such regulations dictate how much a particular semi-truck can carry, how long a driver can travel without stopping, and how often routine check-ups should take place.

In accidents where the victim is not at fault, it’s likely that the responsible party violated a law or local ordinance. If so, it can significantly increase your chances of being awarded compensation for your damages through a settlement or verdict. Another critical component of the regulations that govern the semi-truck industry is that owners and operators are required to insure their vehicles. The higher minimum policy limits of truck operators and owners set by law protect you from the possibility of receiving a small settlement that doesn’t cover the costs of your damages.

Collecting Evidence For A Semi-Truck Personal Injury Claim

Proving that your injuries are caused by the other party’s negligent behavior is critical to winning a personal injury case. Semi-truck drivers are prone to the same mistakes and oversights as any other driver. Providing evidence that shows the other party driving recklessly or under the influence can result in punitive damages, as well as your actual damages.

If you are injured in a semi-truck accident, a personal injury attorney can obtain the driver’s CDL test results, their drug screening tests, criminal background, and log book through a subpoena. They can take official statements from the driver, their employer, and colleagues – building a case that demonstrates a history of negligent behavior or a moment of recklessness.

What To Do After A Semi-Truck Accident In Atlanta

If you are in an accident with a semi-truck, remember the following steps that help ensure your safety and ability to seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit:

Call The Authorities

Calling the police allows you to receive emergency medical treatment for any severe injuries, while also giving you access to an official police report. A police report can be used as evidence to support your claim and contains information such as:

  • The driver’s contact and personal details
  • The contact information of their employer
  • The name of the other party’s insurance company
  • An outline of the accident
  • Witnesses and their contact information
  • Weather conditions
  • Whether anyone involved was cited for traffic violations
Take Pictures

If you are well enough and in a position on the road that allows you to leave your vehicle safely, you may want to take pictures using your smart phone device. Try to collect images that focus on the damage sustained to your vehicle and the semi truck. Take pictures of any skid marks that exist, the other driver, and anything that may be illegal or suspicious like empty beer cans.

Ask Witnesses For Their Contact Information

Make sure to gather the contact information of anyone who watched the accident take place. They can be asked to appear in court on your behalf to describe what they saw and how it led to your injuries. If you happen to have a pen and paper on hand or are able to use the note app on your smart phone, write down what they saw and try be as detail oriented as possible, citing time, location, weather conditions, the witnesses location at the time of the accident, and what they were doing at that moment.

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