After an accident, do you know which lawyer is best for your case? Fast Help does since we've hand selected the top Atlanta law firms. We're here to help you get the money and service you deserve.

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We’ve Done the Work for You!

After an accident, do you know which lawyer is best for your case? Fast Help does since we’ve hand-selected the top Atlanta law firms as partners. We’re here to help you get the money and attention you deserve.

After an accident, HOW do you know which lawyer is best for your case? Fast Help HAS hand-selected the top Atlanta law firms as partners TO MAKE SURE you get the money and PERSONALIZED attention you deserve.

We Help with Legal Support.

Your injury is only the beginning, so don’t waste your precious time searching for legal support. We’ve picked out Atlanta’s top PERSONAL INJURY lawyers. EVERY Fast Help LAWYER…

    • Has at least ten years’ experience in personal injury cases.
    • Has won millions in settlements -Specializes in personal injury cases
    • Much more!


We Help Match You
with the Right Lawyer.

It’s no secret that some attorneys are better than others when it comes to specific kinds of accidents. For example, if your car got rear ended, we wouldn’t have a side-impact lawyer work on your case. Based on the details of your accident, you’re matched with a lawyer with specific experience in that type of case.

We Protect You from
Big Insurance Companies.

Insurance companies will come after accident victims as quickly AS POSSIBLE so they can to avoid paying YOU more money. Fast Help lawyers have handled million dollar cases and know what it takes to stand up to big insurance companies.

We Protect Your Wallet.

Don’t have the money to pay for the legal help you deserve? No problem! Fast Help LAWYERS DON’T require any up-front costs. We work hard to get you the highest settlement possible. YOUR LAWYER WON’T get paid until you do!

With Fast Help, You’ll Get:

Higher Settlements
  • With individualized attention, your lawyer will capture every detail for the highest settlement possible.
  • When insurance companies hear Fast Help attorneys are involved, they know we’ll get every penny our clients deserve.
Done Faster
  • Other Atlanta attorneys have a stack of cases that look just like yours with little time to get personally involved in each case.
  • We refuse to work with law firms who take on more cases than they can handle. Our lawyers are dedicated to invest time and energy into your case to get it settled faster.
More Money for You
  • A common misconception is that a high settlement for your case results in more money in the bank for you. This is actually false!
  • If you get a high settlement, but your attorney charges high legal fees, a good portion of your money just goes right back to his bill. Some attorneys require you to give up as much as 50% of your settlement!

Fast Help Lawyers Are:


How Fast Help Lawyers
Go Above & Beyond

Car Repair, Totaling, and Transportation
  • Guidance for how to handle the at-fault insurance company
  • Tips to help you get the highest devaluation check for your car
  • Towing and transportation to and from the location you choose to receive your car repairs from
  • Recommendations for an independent body shop for trusted, reliable work
Medical Help
  • Recommendation to Fast Help’s network of specialty doctors and accident specialists
  • Ensure you’ll never pay for medical treatment out of pocket
  • Handle all medical bills and documentation required for a successful case
Cash Advance

“Fast Help made sure I didn’t have to worry about the stress of looking for an attorney on my own!”

Fast Help Results


Female Driver hit by Semi-Truck

A 42-year-old female was returning home from work when she had a
head-on collision when a truck-driver attempted a left hand turn.
The case was settled for $512,000.00 prior to litigation.

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