After an accident, the questions can be overwhelming

  • What about this pain?
  • Where can I go for treatment?
  • Who should I call first?
  • Do I need an attorney?
  • What about my car?
  • What if I get behind my bills?
  • What am I entitled to after an accident?


With one phone call, you can get answers to all these questions.
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Why Call a FAST HELP Doctor First?

At FAST HELP, we can help you with everything you need after an accident. But, the first thing you need is proper medical care. Injured people call doctors! Even if you’ve been released from the emergency room, call FAST HELP to get comprehensive medical care. When you seek follow up care after an accident, you show the insurance company you’re truly injured and you’ll maximize your settlement.

Did you know?
It’s very common your primary care doctor will not see you
after an accident because of “third party liability.”
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Can the Right Doctor Make the Difference?

It’s very hard to get a strong injury settlement with hospital bills alone. When an injury victim doesn’t follow up with additional care, the insurance company often will believe the victim was seen at the hospital and sent home because nothing was wrong. That’s why it’s critical to get follow up care by an accident injury specialist. Follow up care will ensure ALL your injuries are diagnosed, treated, and documented.

We get you a STRONGER settlement.

If you’re still in pain after an accident – even after being seen at the hospital – following up with a team of accident injury specialists can make all the difference. In many situations, X-rays are the only diagnostic tools used at the hospital.

Did you know?
The #1 type of injury after a car accident is a soft tissue injury.
An MRI is the #1 diagnostic tool to detect soft tissue injuries.

If you went to the hospital and only got an X-ray, call FAST HELP now to schedule your consultation to see if you need an MRI. Don’t settle your claim without getting the proper diagnostics and treatment. The biggest mistake you can make is settling your claim without knowing all your injuries. Don’t get stuck paying for injuries that weren’t your fault! Call FAST HELP today and get ALL of your injuries diagnosed, treated and documented.

Don’t even consider any dollar amount until ALL your injuries
are diagnosed, treated and documented.


Why a FAST HELP Lawyer?

A Personal Touch Makes All the Difference

How does FAST HELP maintain such a high level of service and quality in comparison to a big law firm? It’s simple! FAST HELP works with several small firms who never take on more cases than they can handle. That way your case gets the personal time and attention it needs. When your lawyer has time to be personally involved, you’ll almost always get a higher settlement.

Did You Know?
Law firms rely on paralegals to manage personal injury cases. But the more time an attorney personally spends on a case, the higher the settlement will be. With FAST HELP, your lawyer will be personally involved in your case.

Do You Have the Right Lawyer?

When we interview attorneys to be a part of FAST HELP, we learn a lot about their strengths, their experience, and their style. That way, we can connect you with a lawyer who we believe is the best match for your case. No individual lawyer is an expert in every situation. That’s why the FAST HELP matching process has been proven to drive higher settlements.

Every Case Is Different
Were you hit from behind? Was it a head on collision? Did you get sideswiped? Was it a hit and run?
Did airbags deploy? Was there extensive property damage? Was there only minor damage but you’re still in pain?
Were you hit by a tractor trailer? Were you hit by a drunk driver?
In what county did the accident happen? What is the at fault insurance company?
Do you need an aggressive attorney? Do you need an attorney with courtroom experience?

With answers to these questions, we can match you with a FAST HELP lawyer who we believe is the best match for you and your specific case.

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FAST HELP will connect you with the right lawyer today.

Learn How FAST HELP Selects Such STRONG Lawyers

At FAST HELP, we choose the attorneys we work with very carefully. Prior to inviting an attorney to join our distinguished team, we meet with them individually to ensure they are of the quality and caliber that will best serve our clients’ needs. Our attorneys have to meet the following stringent requirements in our selection process:

  • Attorneys must have at least 5 to 10 years of legal experience
  • They must have significant experience with actual courtroom litigation, and with settlements or verdicts exceeding six figures
  • The attorney must be in good standing with the State Bar of Georgia, with no complaints filed against them
  • They must have a minimum of 70% of their practice dedicated to personal injury victims
  • The attorney and firm must have their home office in Atlanta, and be available to speak and meet personally with all clients referred to them

Because of the unique steps we’ve taken to identify strong attorneys who are matched to your specific case and have the personal time to dedicate to your case – we can offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • Beware of any attorney who promises a specific dollar amount
  • It is impossible to know the value of a case until all injuries are diagnosed, treated and resolved

FAST HELP does not guarantee a settlement amount. However, you will receive the highest level of service, professionalism and attention to your case – GUARANTEED!

Don’t Get Behind On Your Bills

In addition to a great network of doctors and a strong team of lawyers, FAST HELP can even help you get a cash advance! Call FAST HELP immediately after your accident – before you get behind on your bills.

FAST HELP – Atlanta’s Accident Injury Help Line

The biggest mistake you can make after an accident is waiting too long. Call FAST HELP today! In the state of Georgia, liability benefits start at $25,000. When you need experienced doctors and the right attorney – there’s only one number to call – FAST HELP!