A Guide To Atlanta’s Personal Injury Cases and Terminology

June 23, 2017 | General Tips

A Guide To Atlanta's Personal Injury Cases and Terminology | Fast HelpPersonal injury claims can be confusing for those who do not have experience or a dedicated background in state law.

Even hiring a personal injury attorney can be frustrating if they do not make an effort to keep you informed of proceedings, terminology, and how personal injury cases move through Georgia’s court system.

Because most personal injury victims do not have training in legal terminology, Fast Help is offering a brief guide to help residents throughout Atlanta better understand their case.

Understanding Personal Injury Cases

Although this guide can help improve your awareness of court proceedings, it is not enough to help you manage an entire case on your own. If you are hurt in an accident and need to collect compensation for your damages, call Fast Help today to speak with an experienced Atlanta personal injury attorney.

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Atlanta Personal Injury Cases: Legal Terminology

Consider the following information when trying to understand the common terminology used in most personal injury cases.

Complaint: A complaint is synonymous with a lawsuit meaning that when someone files a personal injury complaint, they are essentially filing documents that support their argument, paying court fees, and launching an official investigation. Complaints comprise of detailed information that highlights the events leading up to the accident, the extent of one’s damages, the expected long-term consequences, and a request to take the complaint to trial.

Plaintiff: The plaintiff is the party or person who is responsible for filing a personal injury claim in court.

Defendant:  The defendant is the party or person who is being sued.

Negligence:  This particular term refers to someone who failed to behave in a way that aligns with state law and is, therefore, responsible for the damages. Failing to follow through with rational behavior during an incident or not meet particular safety requirements can cause a defendant to be considered as negligent, and, responsible for providing compensation to the plaintiff.

Damages:  Damages refer to emotional and/or physical pain that requires financial compensation to recover or meet the plaintiff’s standard of living. There are a variety of damages that can develop during a personal injury lawsuit, including punitive damages.

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