Road Safety Tips for Back to School

August 2, 2018 | General Tips

Road Safety Tips for Back to School | Fast HelpWith the new school year comes major highway congestion as school buses pick up students, kids ride their bicycles to school, and parents rush to drop their children off before work.

During this time, it’s critical that drivers slow down and pay careful attention to the road, especially while school is in session.

Driver Safety Tips For A New School Year

Consider the following information that highlights how you can avoid an accident at every point of the school day:

When Dropping Your Kids Off

Most schools designate specific drop-off points for parents who drive their children to class. Make sure you are aware of such points and the types of procedures that govern student drop-offs.

The National Safe Routes to School program reports that more kids are hits by cars near their school than any other place. Because of this, make sure to:

  • Avoid double parking as it reduces visibility for other students and vehicles.
  • Help your children cross the street if you need to unload them away from their school.

When Driving Near Student Pedestrians

The National Safety Council reports that most young students who suffer fatal injuries in bus-related accidents are walking at the time. Drivers who attempt to pass stopped buses strike and kill children at an alarming rate each year.

To help avoid this, consider the following precautionary measures:

  • Do not block a crosswalk when waiting at a red light or when trying to make a turn. This forces students who are crossing the street to go around your vehicle and puts them at risk of being hit by an oncoming car.
  • Always stop when driving through an official school zone and flashers are blinking.
  • Always drive slowly and cautiously when approaching a crossing guard or school patrol officer.
  • Do not use your horn or rev your engine to intimidate pedestrians, regardless of how much of a hurry you may be in.

When Driving Near School Buses

If you’re traveling near or behind a school bus, give yourself plenty of space so that you can better react to any sudden action or event. It is illegal across the entire United States to pass a school bus that is stopped and has its lights flashing.

To avoid an accident:

  • Stay close to 30 feet away from any stopped school bus that is picking up or dropping students off.
  • Stay alert when a child or a group of children are playing near the road.

By practicing these safety tips, you can help ensure that one less child suffers some type of accident injury.

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