Atlanta’s Most Dangerous Highways Responsible For Personal Injuries

May 31, 2017 | Accident Tips

Atlanta's Most Dangerous Highways Responsible For Personal Injuries | Fast HelpAuto accident fatalities continue to increase in the State of Georgia with over 1,300 deaths in 2016.

As more people move relocate from other states to the greater Atlanta region, the State’s Department of Transporation is forced to reconcile old roadways that were built decades prior the community’s population boom.

Tractor trailers are responsible for a portion of these crashes, while single-car collisions account for approximately 60 percent of all fatal accidents – most of which are caused by distracted or inebriated drivers.

Atlanta Auto Accidents and Personal Injuries

Trends dedicated to the region’s population and auto accidents are expected to continue, which is why it’s important to understand what can be done to avoid potential collisions on some of Atlanta’s most dangerous highways.

Atlanta’s Most Dangerous Highway


The city’s most popular highway saw over 20 fatal accidents in 2016 and was granted the title of “most dangerous highway in the United States” in 2013 because of the fact that it had more collisions per mile than any other roadway.

Because so many people depend on I-285 to get to and from work – it’s important to know that the Department of Transportation released a new program called, “Drive Alert Arrive Alive” – a campaign dedicated to raising awareness of what drivers can do to avoid accidents.

The state is also following through with resurfacing roadways to support the safety and welfare of the community’s families.


I-16 covers over 160 miles and connects Savannah to Macon. Considered as one of the most dangerous highways in the state, there were approximately 30 fatal accidents in 2016.

Georga’s Department of Transportation has since launched new efforts to widen the interstate, while also redesigning the interchange to reduce collisions. Over $13 million is being invested in improving I-16’s safety, and families can expect new median cable barriers to be installed throughout the remainder of 2017.


One of the longest highways in the state (300 miles), I-75 is also one of the busiest roadways in the region.

Heavy traffic combined with narrow roads led to over 60 fatalities in 2016, with a dozen of these associated with tractor trailers.

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