Auto Accidents Caused By Shower Storms and High Winds

June 15, 2018 | Accident Tips

Auto Accidents Caused By Shower Storms and High Winds | Fast HelpDriving through poor weather conditions in Atlanta causes dozens of car accidents each year. Powerful shower storms and high winds reduce visibility, while also creating sleek conditions that are conducive for colliding into oncoming objects.

Car Accidents and Heavy Rain

According to a recent report published by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a child sustained car accident injuries as a result of poor weather. The accident took place at Oak Knoll and Crossgate drives and occurred less than three miles away from a tractor-trailer crash. Police official are saying that the severe rainfall contributed to both accidents.

Be Prepared

To avoid potential accidents, make sure that your tires are properly inflated at all times and if your tread appears worn down, speak with a licensed mechanic about possible replacements. Always use your windshield wipers during light and heavy rainstorms, while also keeping your headlights on.

Although the legal speed limit may allow you to travel up to 65 miles per hour (mph), it is recommended to drive at least 10 mph corel draw x7 crack download slower during a storm. The legal speed limit reflects ideal road conditions so it’s important to slow down to improve your ability to properly react to your environment.

When flash floods and other powerful storms are expected to hit the greater Atlanta region, consider staying home if you are able to. It’s always better to avoid driving in poor weather conditions if possible.

Contact An Atlanta Car Accident Attorney If You Are Hurt In A Rainstorm

If you are involved in a car accident that’s caused by poor weather conditions and sustain an injury, contact our experienced Atlanta car accident attorneys to understand your legal rights and options. The team at Fast Help is always available and can connect you with some of the most successful attorneys and doctors in the community.

For injuries that prevent you from returning to work, filing a personal injury claim is critical for ensuring that your short and long-term finances are covered. To improve your chances of obtaining maximum compensation, contact Fast Help to speak with an attorney for free. If your case is accepted by us, it’s important to know that you are never required to provide payment at any point unless we win your case.

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