Avoid Car Accidents This Holiday Season In Atlanta

November 15, 2017 | Accident Tips

Avoid Car Accidents This Holiday Season In Atlanta | Fast HelpOver 300 people are killed in car accidents each holiday season according to the National Safety Council. To avoid getting caught in an accident this year, Fast Help is providing tips that help Atlanta’s drivers remain focused on the road and safe from injuries.

Avoid Car Accidents This Holiday Season

It’s important to keep a few universal driving rules top-of-mind throughout the holidays. Driving within the legal speed limit, avoiding distractions, and remaining sober is imperative for protecting you and your passengers.

Other tips to consider include:

Have Your Vehicle Inspected

Operating a vehicle that is capable of withstanding the stress of driving during the holidays is significant for avoiding unnecessary accidents. The holidays typically present congested streets and highways that are consumed with stop-and-go traffic.

To avoid rear-end collisions caused by faulty brakes or side-impact accidents caused by broken taillights, have your vehicle inspected by a professional to ensure that your lights, tires, and brakes are all in excellent condition.

Plan Ahead

Instead of getting caught in unexpected traffic, try to plan by checking traffic reports and weather conditions before leaving your home or work. Also, consider keeping a paper map in your vehicle in case you find yourself in a location that doesn’t support GPS or smartphone connectivity.

Get Plenty of Rest Before A Long Road Trip

If you are traveling long distances to spend the holidays with family, make sure you are well-rested before hitting the road. It’s important to take breaks during long trips to avoid falling asleep at the wheel and veering off of the road. If you find yourself nodding off, pull into a hotel or rest area to rest.

Prepare For The Worst

Car accidents can occur at a moments notice even for the most alert drivers. If you happen to find yourself in a collision, it’s essential to have everything you may need in your vehicle ahead of time. Keep an emergency kit in your trunk that contains a blanket, snow boots, winter gloves, and a flashlight.

Although it doesn’t often snow in Atlanta, the city could experience another ice storm at any point throughout the holidays. If this occurs, make sure that your vehicle has traction mats and some type substance like kitty litter or sand in case you get stuck on ice. And, you may want to keep a canister of gasoline in your vehicle, should you get trapped in a storm and need to wait several hours for emergency responders to appear.

Call Fast Help If A Car Accident Does Occur

Preparing for a potential car accident gives you the opportunity to react appropriately and avoid additional complications. However, there is no guaranteed solution for preventing accidents from occurring. If you are involved in a car accident this holiday season, contact the Atlanta personal injury attorneys at Fast Help.

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