Be Careful What You Post Online With A Personal Injury Case Pending

January 5, 2018 | General Tips

Be Careful What You Post Online With A Personal Injury Case Pending | Fast HelpSocial media has become a part of our everyday society since its development a little over ten years ago with the emergence of Myspace. Millions of people publish hourly updates of their lives, new pictures, funny memes, and even videos of special events.

But if you filed or are involved in a personal injury claim, such public postings can be used to damage the integrity of your case. In fact, posting something online, even if your privacy settings do not allow public visibility, attorneys can request that a judge forces you to turn over your accounts as a part of the discovery process.

Free and Fair

The term “discovery” refers to an aspect of a lawsuit that sees all parties exchange evidence about their claim. Discoveries are intended to be “fair and free” so any information, regardless of how substantial, can be requested by anyone involved.

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Since social media postings can support a claim, the chances of turning your accounts over to the other party’s attorney are high. Where a private investigator is used to follow a plaintiff to adobe illustrator free download full version with serial number see if they are lying or misrepresenting their injuries, social media is used to see if you are publishing content that highlights your behaviors.

Most people tend to publish the best versions of their everyday lives online opposed to painful or depressing aspects of their environment. People publish images and videos of themselves at parties or with their friends instead of their trips to the doctor’s or therapist’s office. fluidsim 5

If the other party’s attorney obtains information, pictures, or videos of you in situations that seem like you are lying about your injuries, this can be used to prevent you from receiving compensation.

Stay Off Of Social Media

During a pending personal injury claim, it’s highly recommended to refrain from using social media whatsoever. Even posts that appear to be safe can be manipulated to damage your case.

Being smart about what you put online for the public to see or for an attorney to obtain can help protect your claim and ensure your right to compensation. iobit uninstaller 6.4 serial key

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