Be Extremely Cautious When Driving Near 18-Wheelers

December 25, 2017 | Accident Tips

Be Extremely Cautious When Driving Near 18-Wheelers | Fast Help

The possibility of colliding with an 18-wheeler is just as practical as crashing into a car. However, the potential health ramifications of getting hit by a semi-truck or big rig are far more devastating.

To help individuals and families throughout Atlanta avoid an accident with these trucks, please keep the following tips in mind. 

18-Wheeler Accident Prevention Tips

  • Maintain plenty of space: Although basic, many drivers coast off the back of big rig trucks not realizing that they are unable to be seen. If an 18-wheeler has to hit the brakes suddenly, you can quickly ram your vehicle under their tires and the bed of the truck. To avoid this, just keep four to five seconds worth of space between your car and an 18-wheeler when driving.
  • Pay close attention: It’s important to be aware of your immediate surroundings whenever you operate a vehicle. When an 18-wheeler is present, make sure to pay extra attention to their actions since it’s difficult for big rig drivers to see the cars around them.
  • Be prepared to react: Keep an eye out to see if there is anything coming up on the road that would cause an 18-wheeler to stop or slow down suddenly.
  • Be respectful: There is no reason to lose your temper when driving near an 18-wheeler. Although getting cut off or having a big rig pull into your lane may be frustrating, keep in mind that truck drivers are just trying to meet their deadlines and head home to their families. Don’t cut them off or turn into their lanes without signaling.
  • Watch out for trucks with flatbeds: If you are driving near an 18-wheeler that has large items tied down on a flatbed, try not to cruise close behind or on one of their sides. The snaps can come apart at any time with enough force or fall off if the truck is driving around a steep curve.

When you are driving near a big rig commercial truck, especially on the interstate, use your best judgment. Keep these tips in mind to protect you and your passengers from colliding with an 18-wheeler.

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