Celebrate Atlanta’s Roadside Heroes This Holiday Season 

December 1, 2016 | General Tips

Celebrate Atlanta’s Roadside Heroes This Holiday Season | Fast HelpWe see heroes in movies saving the day all the time, but the heroes of Atlanta don’t wear a cape. What they do wear are bright yellow reflective suits while driving yellow response trucks.

Chances are, you’ll see them out on the road, keeping you and your loved ones safe this holiday season. They are the HERO units of the Georgia Department of Transportation. HERO stands for Highway Emergency Response Operators.

If you have ever been involved in a car accident on Atlanta’s highways, you can appreciate the value of having someone come to your aid. Whether it’s a HERO unit or a car accident helpline, it’s good to know who to contact when you need help. Read on to find out more about what HERO units do.

Primary Goals of a HERO

First and foremost, a HERO unit’s job is to relieve congestion and maintain consistent traffic flow when a traffic incident occurs. HERO’s patrol 310 miles of freeway every day in Atlanta around the clock.

Many times, a HERO unit is the first responder to the scene of an accident, providing support until law enforcement and emergency services get to the scene. They also continue assisting at the scene until the accident is cleared. stronghold crusader license key free

The History of HERO

The HERO division was started in 1994 by GDOT. HERO units respond to anywhere from 55,000 to 60,000 incidents every year. This is a free service provided by GDOT.

The uniqueness of the HERO program in Atlanta is that, unlike other cities, it is a part of the department of transportation rather than being contracted out to a tow truck company.

How a HERO Helps You on the Road

HERO units help you when you need them most. They will help push your stalled car out of travel lanes. If your car is out of gasoline they will give you a gallon of gasoline so you can get to the nearest station.

When your car sits steaming on the side of the road, a HERO will give you coolant. They will change your flat tire, jump start your battery, and offer you the use of a cell phone. If you’re stranded, they will even help with minor mechanical repairs. That’s a lot of ways to be your hero!

Celebrate Our Heroes During the Holidays

Next time you see a hero in a bright yellow HERO truck, celebrate them. Thank them for their service to Atlanta. It’s a hard job that involves working with traffic on the crowded and busy freeways of Atlanta.

Sometimes, car accidents require more than just the help of HERO units. 1-800-FASTHELP is Atlanta’s car accident helpline. Our heroes are available around the clock to connect you with the right Atlanta personal injury attorneys and doctors so that you can get the treatment and compensation you need.

Contact us at 1-800-FASTHELP or locally at (404) 592-0318 and get the help you need after your car accident.

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