Do I Need A Personal Injury Attorney To Handle My Accident Claim?

September 14, 2017 | General Tips

Do I Need A Personal Injury Attorney To Handle My Accident Claim? | Fast HelpIf you are involved in a car accident and are wondering whether you should hire an Atlanta personal injury attorney to handle your case, the answer is yes.

Accident victims who allow an experienced professional to represent their case and negotiate on their behalf are far better off in the long-term and often obtain higher settlements.

Call Fast Help immediately following a car accident to ensure that your legal rights are protected, and your ability to receive compensation for your damages is preserved.

Fast Help is Atlanta’s accident helpline that connects victims with some of the best personal injury attorneys and doctors the community has to offer. Dial (404) 592-0318 for legal and medical support anytime you need it.

Avoid Insurance Company Tactics

Insurance companies are dedicated to finding flaws within lawsuits that are brought against their clients. They hire teams of attorneys and train their adjusters to manipulate cases in ways that significantly reduce their responsibility for covering the damages of the accident. Adjusters can drag out cases until they exceed past the statute of limitations, allowing them to walk away from the claim altogether.

Depending on the circumstances, insurance companies may provide compensation packages that appear lucrative, but do not permit you to receive ongoing treatment or completely cover your lost wages. This tends to happen more often when third-party adjusters are involved in a claim since they often use aggressive tactics to settle a case as quickly as possible.

Instead of offering a fair financial package that covers your damages, they try provide a deal that falls far below what you deserve. The personal injury attorneys affiliated with FAST HELP will not allow this to happen.

Get The Legal Support Your Accident Deserves, Call FAST HELP

Fast Help’s network of experienced personal injury attorneys is here to help whenever an accident occurs. If you are seriously injured in an auto collision and would like quality legal representation, dial  (404) 592-0318  to speak with an attorney right away.

While you speak with one of Fast Help’s attorneys, make sure to ask us for medical assistance, as well. Fast Help not only works with a comprehensive network of personal injury attorneys, but we also connect collision victims with car accident doctors who focus exclusively on treating musculoskeletal injuries.

And, if you do choose to file a suit against the other party involved in your accident, you will need to provide an official medical report, which you can receive from one of Fast Help’s Atlanta personal injury doctors. So don’t waste your time on trying to file an injury claim or find a doctor alone, call Fast Help and have everything taken care of for you.

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