Everything You Need To Know About Cash Advances

June 1, 2018 | General Tips

Everything You Need To Know About Cash Advances | Fast HelpWhen you experience a car accident, taking immediate care of your health is always the top priority. Injuries that occur as a result of an accident may initially appear to be minor despite the devastating implications they have on your long-term future. If your injuries motivate you to file a personal claim against another party, reaching a settlement will take some time and in some cases, it can take years before a decision is reached.

What do you do when you are unable to work because of an accident injury and need to address your monthly expenses? It you are unable to pay your bills after an accident, an auto collision cash advance can go a long way in providing financial relief to you and your loved ones.

Auto Accident Cash Advances

If you sustain serious injuries in an auto accident that prevent you from returning to work, you will likely find it difficult to manage your monthly financial commitments. Accident funding and cash advances are a legal, simple way to make sure that your bills are paid on time. Cash advances are based on an estimate of the expected outcome or settlement related to your claim.

The team at Fast Help can connect auto accident victims with several reputable cash advance firms located throughout the license key powersave 3ds greater Atlanta region. Our experience helping clients secure the type of funding they need to support their loved ones has allowed us to develop one of the community’s premier cash advance solutions.

Types of Accidents Covered by an Auto Accident Cash Advance

Financial concerns are a reality for many accident injury clients. Having access to credible cash advance programs provides an enormous sense of relief when such uncertain and stressful events occur. Consider the following types of auto accidents that are covered under our partners’ cash advance policies:

    • Bicycle accident
    • Tractor trailer accidents
    • Motorcycle accidents
    • Bus accidents
    • Pedestrian accident
    • Taxi accidents
    • Ride-sharing accident

Advantages of Cash Advances

The primary advantage of obtaining a cash advance during a personal injury claim is the ability to secure funding without any hassle. There are usually minimal requirements clients must meet to obtain a cash advance, although most policies do not require a background or credit check. Receiving approval takes next to no time, especially if it appears that you will reach a fair settlement or win your claim. And, unlike other programs that are available in Atlanta, Fast Help does not require you to repay your advance unless you win your case or receive a settlement package.

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