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June 27, 2018 | Accident Tips

Car Accident Attorneys Represent Side-Impact Collisions | Fast HelpThe process for determining who is at-fault during a rear-end collision is fairly simple. The driver that collides with another vehicle’s bumper is usually held responsible because they were either following too closely or were distracted at the time of the accident.

For side-impact car accidents, determining responsibility is more complicated. Accident reconstruction specialists are required to understand which car swerved into the opposing lane and the reasons for this behavior.

Defining Side-Impact Collisions

Side-impact car accidents are commonly referred to as “T-bone” collisions because of the angle of impact where the front-end of one vehicle collides with the side of another. Most side-impact or T-bone collisions occur in parking lots and at busy intersections.

Causes and Liability

Failure to yield to the right of way is the primary cause of side-impact collisions. In most of this incidents, the driver who hits the side of the second vehicle is usually determined to be responsible and liable for all damages.

This determination is often made because the driver who collides with the side of the second vehicle has driven through a stop sign or red light, turned into oncoming traffic, or made an illegal turn.

Potential Consequences of Side-Impact Collisions

Because of the angle of impact, side-impact collisions are extremely dangerous and can cause serious to fatal injuries while driving at low speeds. For those who are the victim of a side-impact or T-bone car accident, severe chest and head injuries are the most common outcome.

File a Personal Injury Claim

If you are the victim of a side-impact collision and sustain injuries as a result, contact the professional legal and medical experts at Fast Help right away. Our team of Atlanta car accident attorneys can help you navigate through the court system and ensure maximum compensation for your damages.

If your injuries require you to miss work and demand extensive treatment, you could be potentially face significant financial concerns that impact your long-term future. By calling Fast Help, you can protect your stability and welfare. We represent hundreds of patients each year who are involved a side-impact accident claim and have the experience needed to reach a successful, positive outcome.

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