Georgia’s Laws On The Use Of Car Headlights

May 25, 2018 | Accident Tips

Georgia’s Laws On The Use Of Car Headlights | Fast HelpThe auto industry has implemented a large variety of technological advancements over the past few decades, from seat belts to blind spot alerts and even intuitive features like self-parking. One of the most essential advancements that’s often overlooked is car headlights.

Although it may seem obvious how to use your headlights while operating a vehicle, thousands of people are injured in car accidents each year because particular drivers misuse or fail to use their lights properly.

Headlight laws in Georgia

Consider the following information that speaks to headlight laws in Georgia so that you avoid various legal penalties and potential accidents.

  • You are required under the law to turn your headlights on approximately 30 minutes before the sun rises and after the sun sets in the evening.
  • Your are required to keep your headlights on during hazardous weather conditions such as a rain or snow storm.
  • You are required to turn your headlights on when you are unable to see obvious vehicles ahead of you from a distance of 500 feet.

If you do not abide by these rules you can be subjected to a variety of legal ramifications that range from citations to losing your license, especially if your actions lead to an accident. Many people believe that turning their headlights on while traveling through the downtown are or while driving on congested roadways is not necessary or required. This is not true.

What may appear as appropriate lighting to you does not always translate the same for other vehicles on the road. In such cases, drivers assume their automatic headlights will operate correctly, but this is not a guarantee.

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You can avoid points on your license and other potential penalties by understanding when and how to use your headlights appropriately. It’s important to stay cautious and focused when utilizing your headlights to ensure your safety and those driving near you.

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