How Faulty Windshield Wipers Can Contribute To Accidents

January 8, 2018 | Accident Tips

How Faulty Windshield Wipers Can Contribute To Accidents | Fast HelpWindshield wipers may look insignificant, but they help protect you. When they don’t work correctly, they need to be changed otherwise they could cause a serious motor vehicle accident.

If you were involved in an accident caused by a malfunctioning automobile part, it is best you hire one of our Atlanta personal injury attorneys to protect you from an assortment of legal risks associated with these types of accidents.


Substantial rain and wind are very common in Georgia. If you have lost visibility due to faulty windshield wipers, you might be trapped in the rain or a storm causing you to smash into another vehicle. Windshield wipers are vital to keeping you safe.

You should take the crucial steps to ensure your wipers are working well which includes substituting the wiper blades and guaranteeing proper maintenance. Nevertheless, there are times when a defect may have caused the accident.


There have been numerous recalls in Georgia due to faulty windshield wipers. Toyota is one of the automakers facing these defects. photoshop cs6 portable 2020

There are particular signs of wiper defect including deterioration of the rubber or when there is imbalanced swiping. Some windshield wipers may also break or fail from now to again.


Windshield wipers seem basic, but that is not the case. The arrangement has a couple of parts such as the wiper arm linked to the base and also a motor that maintains its functionality.

When a piece is faulty, you may have less visibility during poor weather conditions. According to the Federal Highway Administration, visibility is linked to nearly 50 percent of deadly automobile crashes. Some signs your wipers need replacement include: bytefence serial 2019

  • Streaking
  • Rubber deteriorating too fast
  • Uneven swiping
  • Broken windshield wiper motor
  • Wipers that stop


If your windshield wipers are faulty, it’s important that you call the manufacturer or research if there has been a recall. You can also ask your local auto body shop to make sure your blades are not destroyed.

Occasionally, manufacturers may postpone a recall because they don’t want to be accountable for the damages. This is why it is imperative that you hire experienced legal representation at Fast Help if you suspect your accident was due to lack of visibility.

Our affiliate network of personal injury attorneys can determine if the manufacturer is liable for the accident and the injuries.


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