How To Give A Deposition In An Atlanta Personal Injury Case

October 20, 2017 | General Tips

How To Give A Deposition In An Atlanta Personal Injury Case | Fast HelpOne of the primary components of a personal injury case is the claimant offering an official deposition of their experience, as it relates to their accident. Although most personal injury claims are settled out-of-court, there are occasions where a court hearing or trial is necessary.

Personal Injury Claims & Depositions

If you are filing a personal injury claim and need to take the stand for a testimony, you should contact a personal injury attorney to ensure the integrity of your case is not damaged.

It’s too easy to get tripped up by the opposing team’s style of questioning or ability to poke holes in your account. Hiring an Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney gives you the opportunity to prepare for your deposition, understand what to say, and how to respond to each question.

How To Give A Deposition In An Atlanta Personal Injury Case

If you are required to offer an official deposition in your personal injury case, dial (404) 592-0318 to speak with one of our experienced attorneys about your matter. Fast Help is Atlanta’s accident helpline that connects victims with legal and medical services offered by some of the most experienced professionals throughout the community.

Our attorneys can help you prepare for your upcoming deposition in ways that allow you to avoid getting caught in a trap or damaging your ability to collect maximum compensation. While speaking with one of our attorneys, you may also want to consider the following information that highlights a few best practices for talking while under oath.

Be Honest About Everything

The primary goal of the defense is to devalue the credibility of your claim. If you try to lie about any of the details relating to your accident or withhold information and are exposed, your entire case will be compromised.

It’s important to keep in mind that most, if not all attorneys know the answers to their questions – trying to outsmart an experienced lawyer will likely result in you losing your case.

Listen Carefully To Each Question and Give Yourself Time To Respond

Do not try to anticipate a question and pay close attention to what is being asked of you. You don’t want to go on a tangent that offers too much information or takes you off point. Only respond once each question is completed and you have given yourself enough time to process what is being asked of you.

Be Confident In Your Responses

If you seem unsure about what you are saying, a judge or jury may interpret that is a weakness in your claim. Also, if the opposing side’s attorney tries to put words in your mouth, do not engage with them and instead, refer to your attorney to step in.

Be Careful Of “Yes” Questions

A common tactic among defense attorneys is to offer a series of simple questions that require “yes” answers before suddenly offering a challenging question that damages your credibility. As mentioned, give yourself enough time to process each question before saying something that may damage the outcome of your case.

Keep Your Responses Brief

It’s important not to give too much information or detail when being questioned by the opposing team’s attorney. You may something that you didn’t mean to or didn’t realize can harm your case. Instead, offer brief, “yes,” “no,” or “I do not remember” responses as much as possible.

Contact Fast Help For Support and Preparation

If you are required to offer an official deposition in an upcoming personal injury case, contact Fast Help for support and preparation. Our Atlanta personal injury attorneys specialize in personal injury claims and know how to maneuver through these situations without negatively affecting the outcome.

We can help you prepare for your deposition, while also providing support in ways that protect you from aggressive questioning tactics offered by the defendant’s representatives. Just dial (404) 592-0318 to learn more about your legal options and to see how we can help you reach a maximum settlement.

All of our services are provided at no cost unless we win your case. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by calling Fast Help after an accident – call us today.

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