How To Prove Who’s At-Fault With Car Accidents Involving Fatigued Drivers

November 13, 2017 | Accident Tips

How To Prove Who's At-Fault With Car Accidents Involving Fatigued Drivers | Fast HelpClose to 100,000 car accidents take place each year that involve fatigued drivers. This leads to approximately 1,500 deaths and over 70,000 injuries.

If you are involved in a car accident or experience property damage as a direct result of a fatigued driver, consider the following information that can help you obtain compensation for your expenses.

Atlanta Personal Injury Claims and Fatigued Drivers

To successfully obtain compensation in a personal injury case that involves a fatigued driver, it is essential to understand the systems and processes that govern civil lawsuits. Contact Fast Help after a car accident to speak with experienced Atlanta personal injury attorneys who can help you understand your options for moving forward.

Working with one of Fast Help’s affiliate attorneys gives you the best chance for maximum compensation, removes the stress of presenting a case alone, and allows you to avoid dealing with insurance adjusters or lawyers.

How To Prove Who Is At-Fault With Fatigued Drivers

To prove that your accident injuries are the direct result of another driver dowsing off at the wheel, you will need to work with a personal injury attorney who is competent at collecting specific forms of evidence. You can provide individual support to your claim by taking pictures of the accident at the time of the event. Using a smartphone device, try to take as many photos as possible of your injuries, the damage sustained to both vehicles, and current road conditions.

Make sure to disclose to the reporting police officer and your attorney anything you may have noticed about the other driver’s behavior. If you saw the other driver swerving outside of their lane, continuously adjusting their speed, or fail to use their turn signal, these actions can prove driver negligence and should be presented in your claim.

Obtain An Official Medical Report

You will need to seek medical attention as soon as possible after a car accident occurs to obtain an official medical report. Such reports include details that highlight the direct cause and timing of your injuries, proving that your condition is connected to the other driver’s exhaustion.

After you are examined by a doctor, it’s a good idea to keep a running record of your medical visits, the intensity of your symptoms, and overall condition. Also, make sure that your personal injury attorney is always aware of your health and how you are progressing.

Contact Fast Help To File A Personal Injury Claims Against A Fatigued Driver

Experiencing a car accident can be traumatic, especially if you are injured and require time off of work or extensive treatment. If you are hurt in a car accident as a result of a fatigued driver, contact Fast Help to obtain the compensation you deserve.

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