How To Receive Personal Injury Compensation Before Reaching A Settlement

October 6, 2017 | Accident Tips

How To Receive Personal Injury Compensation Before Reaching A Settlement | Fast HelpThe outcomes associated with personal injury claims include a trial verdict, dismissal, or settlement. Most people do not understand that the majority of injury claims are settled before reaching trial.

Experienced Atlanta personal injury attorneys understand that it is usually in the best interest of the accident victim to resolve a claim outside of court since the fees associated with trials quickly add up.

Recieve Compensation Before Settling

Reaching a settlement tends to provide the most positive results for accident victims because of the uncertainties related to jury members and their decisions.

At times, an agreement is determined because both parties are not confident of how a jury will react to the circumstances surrounding an accident.

Whether your case is settled outside of court or is presented before a jury, Atlanta personal injury claims can take years before the victim receives compensation. Although some accident victims can cover their expenses while waiting for their settlement, many people do not share this luxury.

Injuries that are caused by car collisions, slip and fall incidents and other accidents often create overwhelming medical bills, missed wages, and deeply rooted injuries.

These expenses, combined with the inability to work, often creates significant stress for accident victims over how they will be able to take care of their monthly bills. The good news is that there are companies that offer pre-settlement funding services.

Such companies provide aid to plaintiffs through the process of litigation so that they are not in a position that requires them to accept a meager settlement.

Working With A Pre-Settlement Service Provider

Many of our clients at Fast Help are concerned about their reputations when they consider pre-settlement funding – although there is nothing inappropriate about this option.

Many residents throughout Atlanta are unable to manage their bills while missing work, which is why a pre-settlement service provider may be beneficial. A few of the reasons to consider working with such companies include:

  • Repayment is often only required upon the success of your claim
  • Advances are fast and often take place within 24 hours of a request
  • Your Fast Help attorney can work with the pre-settlement provider on your behalf
  • You are often not required to offer repayment until you reach a settlement or verdict
  • Repayments can be taken out of your settlement

Apply For Pre-Settlement Funds Only When Necessary

Although these services provide relief for those who are injured and cannot meet their monthly expenses, they are not appropriate for everyone. Pre-settlement providers should only be used in emergency situations where funds are desperately needed.

The fees and rates associated with such companies can become excessive and should not be ignored. Accident victims are encouraged to search for other resources or means before contacting a pre-settlement provider.

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