May Is Motorcycle Awareness Month

May 21, 2018 | Accident Tips

May Is Motorcycle Awareness Month | Fast HelpMay serves as National Motorcycle Safety Month and provides an opportunity for us to reflect on the importance of driving safely when traveling near motorcyclists. With the warm spring weather upon us, you will start to notice more motorcycles on Atlanta’s highways.

This year, our team of legal and medical experts are raising awareness around motorcycle safety and encourage everyone to take extra precaution when approaching cyclists. Consider the following tips that can help drivers avoid colliding with a motorcycle.

Safety Tips for Car and Truck Drivers

    • Before changing lanes, look twice and check your blind spots: It’s easy to identify a large tractor trailer approaching because of their size. Just as drivers need to exert particular caution when traveling behind or passing a tractor trailer, it’s also imperative to drive carefully when approaching a motorcyclist. Their small size makes it easy for cyclists to fall into a blind spot so make sure to always check each side of your vehicle twice before changing lanes.
    • Maintain plenty of distance between your vehicle and motorcyclists: The brake lights on a motorcycle are much smaller than those on a car or truck, making it difficult to notice when they decelerate. Keeping plenty of distance between your vehicle and a motorcyclist can help you avoid an accident if they should suddenly slow down.
    • Be aware of a motorcycle’s limitations: Unlike most modern cars and trucks, motorcycles are not equipped with various forms of safety features like seat belts and airbags. Motorcycle drivers are completely fl studio 12.5 bagas31 exposed to their surrounding environment and are vulnerable to severe or fatal injuries when an accident occurs. Although you may be in a rush or late to a particular event, make sure to offer plenty of respect and distance to motorcyclists when traveling through Atlanta’s highways.

Safe Driving Tips For Motorcyclists

    • Take a motorcycle safety course: Operating a motorcycle is very different than driver other types of vehicles and even the most experienced riders can benefit from taking a safety course. Whether you are a brand new rider or a long-time enthusiast, it’s imperative to understand all of the different functions and features of a motorcycle before entering the roadways. You can look up and select a safety course near you by visiting
    • Wear appropriate safety gear: Whenever you operate a motorcycle, wearing appropriate safety gear is critical for preventing serious or fatal injuries in the event of an accident. Never get on a motorcycle without a helmet, gloves, durable jacket, and boots.

Contact Fast Help In The Event of a Motorcycle Accident

In 2018, Georgia’s traffic administration shows that over 2,000 traffic fatalities have already occurred. Of these accidents, 12 percent comprised of motorcycle drivers. Although motorcycles are an excellent way to explore Atlanta’s open roadways, they are also very dangerous. Please help us raise awareness so that other drivers are able to enjoy the spring weather during Motorcycle Safety Month.

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