Personal Injury Claim Misconceptions Pt. 1

January 24, 2018 | Accident Tips

Personal Injury Claim Misconceptions | Fast HelpThere are a few misconceptions surrounding personal injury claims that prevent many injury victims from seeking compensation for their damages.

From concerns around insurance and upfront costs, it’s important to understand the realities of filing a personal injury claim and why speaking with an experienced attorney is critical for understanding what options you have.

Owning an Insurance Policy Means an Attorney Isn’t Necessary

Insurance providers are focused on maximizing profits, which means that they tend to offer shallow settlements that do not cover long-term expenses. Insurance companies use adjusters, investigators, and attorneys to ensure that they are able to provide the least amount of money as possible to injury victims.

And, trying to negotiate a settlement without legal representation can damage the integrity of your claim if you unknowingly say or do something that can be used against you in court.

Hiring an experienced Atlanta personal injury attorney from Fast Help is in your best interest as you need a legal expert who will defend your rights, investigate your claim, and negotiate a settlement that covers all of your short and long-term expenses.

Personal injury claims contain significant complexities that are best managed by someone who handles such cases on a regular basis.

An Attorney Is Not Necessary When First Filing an Injury Claim

Many injury victims believe that they do not need an attorney at first and that they can obtain representation later on if necessary. The truth is that waiting to hire an attorney can seriously damage your claim.

In fact, obtaining legal counsel right away gives you the best opportunity to win your case since they can collect fresh evidence on your behalf, align with Georgia’s statute of limitations, and protect you from agreeing to particular terms that force you to give up your right to file a lawsuit.

It Costs Too Much Money to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Too many people believe that they cannot afford to hire a personal injury attorney. Unfortunately, the truth is that accident injury victims need to hire an attorney to protect their long-term finances.

Injuries have the potential to generate tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of medical bills, as well as prevent you from returning to work for some time. Without legal representation, you may be held responsible for covering these expenses without support.

The personal injury attorneys at Fast Help provide free consultations for accident victims, giving you the opportunity to learn more about your legal options without compromising your finances. And, if we believe that your claim is worth pursuing, you are never required to provide payment unless we win your case.

If we do not obtain a settlement agreement that is up to your standards or lose your case, you are not held responsible for anything. Call Fast Help today – dial (404) 592-0318.

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