Personal Injury Claim Misconceptions Pt. 2

January 26, 2018 | Accident Tips

Personal Injury Claim Misconceptions Pt 2 | Fast HelpAccident injuries have the potential to create hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt and prevent victims from returning to work or living a normal life.

The economic and personal consequences of an accident can overwhelm anyone, even those who are financially or emotionally stable.

Because of these potential results, accident victims should feel empowered to follow through with a personal injury claim to collect compensation that covers their long-term expenses and protects their families from debt that’s impossible to overcome.

Still, too many victims do not file lawsuits because of particular misconceptions that are associated with personal injury claims. Consider the following information that highlights more common fallacies and the realities of collecting compensation for damages sustained.

Larger Settlements Are Earned By Playing Hardball

Although this may be true in some instances, this does not resonate for the majority of injury claims.

Most settlement packages are determined by the extent of the victim’s injuries, how their injuries impacts their ability to return to their normal routine, and the type of evidence that exists to substantiate the victim’s claims.

An experienced Atlanta personal injury attorney who understands the process of negotiating with insurance providers can help victims receive the settlement they deserve.

Still, if the victim tries to hold out of a potential compensation agreement for too long hoping that it will force the insurance provider to increase their settlement, it can create more complexities in the case and cause it to drag out longer.

And, if a victim agrees to a settlement offer too quickly, the potential to miss out on larger earnings increases. That’s why hiring an experienced attorney is critical for understanding what to look for and agree to when negotiating a settlement package.

Medical Treatment Isn’t Possible Until a Claim Is Settled

Victims do not have to wait until their claim is settled to receive medical treatment.

Accident victims require immediate health care and connecting with a doctor provides access to an official evaluation that can be used in court to justify a claim. Evaluations are also helpful for determining the complete score of an individual’s injuries, when the injuries occurred, and the true cause.

Medical bills and the cost of treatment can be cited in court and used to help determine the amount of compensation the victim deserves in the short and long-term future.

For those who are concerned over their ability to cover their medical expenses before a settlement is reached, it’s important to know that many doctors will provide treatment while a claim is pending.

The Atlanta personal injury doctors at Fast Help provide support and can work with an existing insurance provider to cover all costs until compensation arrives.

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