Personal Injury Claims and Rideshare Companies

June 13, 2018 | Accident Tips

Personal Injury Claims and Rideshare Companies | Fast HelpRidshare companies such as Lyft or Uber are growing in popularity and use each year throughout Atlanta. More consumers are relying on such forms of public transportation over traditional services based on their convenience and cost.

Still, this growth represents more people who are being transported by individuals and their personal vehicles. It’s imperative to understand that rideshare transportation companies differ from traditional taxi services in a variety of ways.

Taxi companies tend to be more expensive than Lyft or Uber because of their capital costs and overhead. Taxi companies own their own vehicles, are responsible for maintaining their vehicles, and are in direct control over their drivers.

Liability For Rideshare Services

Taxi companies are attached to such responsibilities because when accidents occur, it is the taxi provider that is liable for the damages sustained by their passengers or clients. When an accident occurs with a rideshare company, they may not be held responsible for providing compensation.

Lyft and Uber operate as an entity that connects drivers with passengers and do not have any attachment to the condition of their drivers’ vehicles. And, their drivers are not technically employees so when accidents occur, any type of personal injury claim that is created goes through the driver’s insurance.

Injured in Lyft or Uber

If you are injured while using Lyft or Uber, you will likely receive compensation for all current and future losses through at-fault’s insurance provider. However, if your Lyft or Uber driver is determined to be negligent and has limited insurance, you may be able to fight for additional compensation from the ridesharing company.

For instance, Lyft does have contingent liability insurance that covers $50,000 per individual, $100,00 per accident for personal damage, and $25,000 per download adobe flash cs6 full crack accident for property loss. If you’ve experienced an accident injury while using ridesharing services in Atlanta, contact Fast Help for immediate support.

Contact Fast Help If You Are Injured While Taking A Lyft or Uber Ride

Our team of Atlanta personal injury attorneys can discuss the details of your case and let you know how to move forward. Trying to file a personal injury claim without understanding Georgia’s laws and the court system can compromise your ability to obtain maximum compensation.

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