Road Rage and Personal Injury Claims In Georgia

February 7, 2018 | General Tips

Road Rage and Personal Injury Claims | Fast HelpMost drivers experience some sense of frustration when traveling through Georgia’s highways.

Although most of these situations do not lead to acts of aggression or hostility, some people react violently to the drivers around them.

The term “road rage” refers to any example of aggressive driving that is intentional and is meant to intimidate or hurt another person.

The State of Georgia considers road rage as a form of assault and battery, which can be referenced in a personal injury claim if an aggressive driver causes an accident and hurts someone.

Personal Injury Claims and Road Rage

Victims of road rage should contact one of the Atlanta personal injury attorneys at Fast Help to file a lawsuit for damages. Medical treatment, missed time at work, and the cost of vehicle repairs should be compensated by the negligent party and cited in the claim.

Punitive damages should also be cited, which essentially serves as a request for a judge to penalize the criminal actions of the aggressive party. For cases that involve road rage, the charge of assault and batter or vehicular manslaughter is applied to the defendant.

Although criminal cases are addressed outside of civil hearings, the testimonies and evidence used within the criminal case can also be used to support a personal injury claim.

Hit and Run Accidents

Most examples of road rage see the aggressor leaving the scene of the accident.

Any driver that is a victim of a hit and run incident should contact the police immediately and provide as much detail of the other driver’s vehicle as possible to help them make an arrest.

It’s important to understand that even if the responsible party is not caught, the victim can still follow through with a personal injury claim to seek compensation for their damages.

How To Avoid Road Rage

Being able to identify drivers who exert acts of road rage is critical for preventing potential accidents. If you notice any of the following warning signs, keep a safe distance between your vehicle and theirs:

  • The driver seems to insist on remaining right behind another vehicle. commonly referred to as tailgating.
  • The driver is using their horn inappropriately or without discretion.
  • The driver uses their hi-beams to intimidate or distract other vehicles.
  • The driver uses inappropriate or offensive language or gestures.

Advocates For Road Rage Victims

If you are involved in a car accident that is caused by an aggressive or violent driver, contact the attorneys at Fast Help for immediate support.

We are Atlanta’s most comprehensive personal injury affiliate network that connects accident victims with experienced legal and medical experts for comprehensive care. Our attorneys believe in putting each of our client’s needs first and work tirelessly to obtain maximum compensation.

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