The Consequences of Slip and Fall Accidents For Atlanta’s Seniors

May 4, 2018 | Accident Tips

The Consequences of Slip and Fall Accidents For Atlanta’s Seniors | Fast HelpSlip and fall accidents can occur anywhere and most tend to take place in stores and hospitals. Although such accidents have the potential to affect anyone, seniors are especially vulnerable to falling and getting injured.

Most slips-and-fall accidents that involve seniors are caused by poor vision, diminished mobility, and a lack of core stability. In Georgia, this particular type of accident is the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries for seniors, according to the National Council on Aging.

High Risk For Seniors

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that approximately a quarter of all slip-and-fall accidents lead to severe head trauma or fractured bones.

Since the bone density of most seniors is fragile, they are more susceptible to serious injuries when a slip-and-fall accident occurs. And, unlike other demographics, when a senior gets injured, their body is not able to completely recuperate and the chances of them falling again increase significantly.

Preventative Actions Seniors Can Take To Avoid Slip-and-Fall Accident Injuries

Consider the following information that can help seniors avoid slip-and-fall accidents:

  • Exercise on a regular basis with a focus on core strength
  • Wear appropriate eye wear
  • Wear appropriate footwear
  • Use some type of mobility support resource like a cane or walking-chair
  • Remove all obstacles and loose items from the home e.g. coffee tables, mats, and rugs
  • Install or utilize railings in and outside of the home

Seniors and Their Loved Ones Can Contact Fast Help In Case An Accident Occurs

If you or a loved senior member of your family experiences a slip-and-fall accident on another party’s property, contact the legal experts at Fast Help right away. If the accident leads to serious injury and is caused by another party’s negligent behavior, you may be entitled to compensation that covers the cost of treatment and other damages.

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