Truck Accidents Caused By Negligent Behavior

February 14, 2018 | Accident Tips

Truck Accidents Caused By Negligent Behavior | Fast HelpTruck accidents occur on a daily basis throughout Atlanta and for a variety of reasons.

The medical and legal teams at Fast Help have found that there are specific examples and scenarios that tend to cause most truck accidents including reckless behavior and distracted driving.

Our Atlanta personal injury attorneys have significant experience representing truck accident victims and successfully obtaining compensation that helps our clients cover their long-term expenses.

If you are involved in a truck accident and sustain serious injuries or damages, contact our team right away to learn what your options are and how we can help you. Just dial (404) 592-0318 to speak with an experienced attorney 24/7.

Causes of Truck Accidents

Driver negligence and reckless behavior are the most common causes of truck accidents in Atlanta.

Accident victims who sustain severe or critical injuries are usually associated with large tractor trailers that were traveling over the legal speed limit and spun out of control or drivers that were distracted by technology or exhaustion.

Such accidents tend to be more devastating for those involved because of the size and weight associated with tractor trailers.

Other forms of negligent behavior involving large trucks include inexperienced drivers that are not familiar or comfortable with driving tractor trailers through poor weather conditions, across rugged or steep terrains, or congested urban environments.

Driver fatigue is also a significant contributor to truck accidents. Across the United States, commercial vehicle operators are allowed to work for 14 hours a day. The pressure of transporting cargo to particular destinations within a set time limit tends to cause drivers to ignore such standards and drive for 17 to 20 hours straight.

And, when commercial truck drivers are no longer able to maintain these conditions, the results tend to see truck rollovers and major collisions.

Filing A Personal Injury Claim For A Truck Accident

The attorneys at Fast Help know what it takes to follow through with a personal injury claim and present a winning case. To prove that the truck driver breached their duty of care to other vehicles and that such actions are directly responsible for a client’s injuries, substantial evidence needs to be collected, organized, and presented in court.

At Fast Help, our attorneys can collect evidence on your behalf, obtain video and GPS records that prove the driver’s state of mind, as well as how fast their truck was traveling at the time of the accident, and gather witness statements that pronounce the events leading up to the crash.

Our attorneys can also negotiate on your behalf when it comes to working with insurance adjusters and developing a settlement agreement that covers your short or long-term expenses. So, if you are involved in a crash that’s caused by a large truck or tractor trailer, contact Fast Help right away to file a truck accident claim.

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