Understanding Atlanta’s Landowners’ Responsibility To Individuals Who Use Their Property

April 7, 2017 | Accident Tips

Landowners' Responsibility To Individuals Who Use Their Property | Fast HelpThe responsibility of Atlanta’s landowners to individuals who use their property differs depending on the relationship between each party.

In general, an individual who is invited onto a landowner’s property is expected to have the highest level of care and concern when it comes to protecting their well being.

Landowner’s Responsibilities Around Slip and Fall Accidents

There are over one million slip and fall accidents that take place each year throughout the United States.

Although each case is unique, the legal responsibilities of landowners and the type of commitment they are required to provide depends on the status of those are using or exploring the property is important.

If you are a property owner involved in a slip and fall accident, call our Atlanta personal injury attorneys to learn more about your rights.

Guests vs. Trespassers – What Defines a Trespasser in Georgia?

An invited guest can legally assume that the property owner used reasonable care to ensure that the environment is well kept, free of debris, and safe to use.

However, if the invitee goes beyond the area of which they were afforded, for instance, into a basement, when not given explicit permission to visit this particular location, the invited guest is considered to be a trespasser according to the State of Georgia.

The trespasser is on the property without the consent of the landowner, which means that they are entitled to the least amount of notice and support.

The only responsibility of the landlord to the trespasser in this scenario is to refrain from purposely injuring or entrapping the trespasser. A trespasser takes the property as it exists but does not have to assume that there are unforeseeable or unknown traps on the land.

Personal or Social Guests

A social guest is entitled the landowner’s exercise of reasonable care to make the premises safe and to warn the guest of known dangerous conditions that could not ordinarily be discovered by the guest.

A property owner like a supermarket must use reasonable care to monitor the safety of the premises.

There must be sufficient evidence that the landowner had notice of a dangerous condition or defect to hold the landlord responsible for allowing that dangerous condition or defect to cause an injury.

This is a frequently overlooked by individuals who call our office and may have slipped and fallen on a grape or state that they do not know what they slipped and fell on.

Call Fast Help’s Atlanta Personal Injury Attorneys To Learn More

It is the duty of the individual that slipped and the lawyers at Fast Help to demonstrate that the landowner knew or should have known of the existence of this dangerous condition to have avoided or warned about it to eliminate the potential likelihood of an injury.

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