What To Do Before Calling An Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney

May 17, 2017 | Accident Tips

What To Do Before Calling An Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney | Fast HelpBefore you contact one of the experienced Atlanta personal injury attorneys at Fast Help, consider the following information that highlights some of the most important information you should gather before your call.

Calling An Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney

Providing your Fast Help personal injury attorney with particular information and evidence allows them to react swiftly when pushing your lawsuit through the court system.

It can also help your injury case move faster when considering a settlement to cover your medical expenses, missed time at work, and other damages.

If you are involved in an accident and need help following through with a lawsuit, speak with one of the experienced attorneys at Fast Help – just dial 1-800-FASTHELP or (404) 592-0318.

What To Do Before You Speak With Our Personal Injury Attorneys

Do Not Speak To Anyone

This may sound odd, although we are referring to insurance representatives, other parties that may be involved, and anyone other than one of our team of experienced personal injury attorneys.

Do not sign anything and do not agree to any initial offering of compensation as you are most likely entitled to more than what is being offered.

You can speak with the police who arrive at the scene of the accident but do not admit anything or take any blame for the incident. Anything you say to the police or an insurance representative can be used against you in a court of law.

Visit A Personal Injury Doctor Right Away

Before you contact one of our personal injury attorneys, meet with a doctor first so that you can provide our team with an official medical record that cites all of your wounds.

Your personal injury attorney will need a copy of these documents to present to the insurance company, as well as to a judge if your case goes to court.

Any delay in meeting with a certified Atlanta personal injury doctor can be used against you as insurance companies can argue that your injuries took place after your accident or that your damages were not extensive enough to require compensation.

Collect Information and Evidence

When you contact our team of Atlanta personal injury attorneys, you will want to provide as much information and evidence as possible to ensure a strong case.

Official police reports, medical documents, and worker’s compensation records are all important forms of information that can be used in court to prove your case. Obtaining copies of these reports in advance saves you and your attorney significant time, allowing you to begin the negotiation process around a financial settlement sooner than later.

Contact Fast Help When Involved In An Accident

If you are involved in an accident that causes you bodily harm, contact the professional personal injury attorneys at Fast Help.

We are Atlanta’s most experienced team of representatives and understand how to navigate through the court system in ways that ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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