What To Do When Your Teenager Is In A Car Accident

May 16, 2018 | Accident Tips

What To Do When Your Teenager Is In A Car Accident | Fast HelpTeen drivers are responsible for a significant portion of all car accidents due to their general lack of experience and ability to concentrate on the road. In fact, close to a dozen teens between the ages of 15 and 20 are killed each day in a car accident.

Teen Drivers and Car Accidents

The risk that teenage drivers pose isn’t exclusive to other drivers on the road, but extends to the passengers in their own vehicles, as well. When teenagers operate a vehicle while listening to music or using their smartphones, the risk of a potential accident occurring increases significantly. For parents, what happens when you learn that your teenager is hurt in an accident because of their friend’s reckless behavior?

Legal Responsibilities for Parents of Teenage Drivers

Car accident victims have the legal right to hold negligent drivers accountable for any and all damages sustained. Since teenagers are heavily reliant on their parents, you may assume that parents are responsible for covering all acquired costs related to an accident. However, in Georgia, this is not always the reality.

Insurance Coverage

Most teen drivers are insured by their parent’s provider. If you are involved in a car accident with a teenager, you can file a personal injury claim against their parent’s policy to seem compensation for damages.

Vicarious Liability Laws

In Georgia, parents are not automatically held accountable or liable for the behavior of their children. Parents can be considered vicariously liable for their child’s reckless behavior if they are in the vehicle at the time of the accident or have entered a driving agreement with them.

If the parents are not aware of their teenager’s behavior or are unable to prevent their actions, they are usually not held responsible just because of the parent-child connection.

Negligent Entrustment

If a teenager is occupying a vehicle that’s owned by their parents and they are believed to be unfit to drive, their parents can be held responsible for any damages sustained under the legal concept of negligent entrustment.

For instance, if one or both parents know that their teenage driver feels anxiety when traveling during the night and still allows them to borrow their car at this time, the parents can be held accountable for negligent entrustment. This is also the case if the teenage driver has already developed a record for reckless driving or has been arrested for driving under the influence.

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Knowing when you as parents can be held legally accountable for your teenager’s actions while operating a vehicle is imperative because of the potential consequences. Georgia’s laws regarding parental responsibility are complex. Speaking with an experienced Atlanta car accident attorney can help you make the best possible decisions for everyone involved.

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