What You Need To Know and Do After A Car Accident In Georiga

March 30, 2017 | Accident Tips

What You Need To Know and Do After A Car Accident | Fast HelpAuto accidents often take place when least expected, leaving those involved with a range of complicated feelings that include frustration and confusion.

In some instances, car collisions can cause critical injuries, as well as put those involved at legal risk.

Car Accident Statistics: Georgia

Each year, approximately 1,200 drivers, motorcyclists and pedestrians are killed in auto accidents, according to the Georgia Governor’s Office of Safety.

Understanding your personal responsibilities and legal rights, as well as preparing for the worst case scenario, can help reduce stress and anxiety after an accident.

What To Know and Do After A Car Accident In Georgia

The following information highlights some of the most important steps Georgia State drivers need to understand and follow in the event of a car crash.

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Prepare Yourself As Much As Possible

New drivers and those who have recently bought a new vehicle should consider liability insurance before hitting the open road.

In the State of Georgia, vehicle owners are required to select an insurance policy that, at a minimum, protects the driver from expenses connected to auto accident deaths, or injury or destruction of personal property that does not exceed $25,000.

Drivers are required to maintain their policy by making deductible payments each month. In Georgia, going ten days without auto insurance requires the state department of revenue to suspend the vehicle’s registration, making the car illegal to operate.

It’s important to know that operating a vehicle without a valid registration is considered to be a misdemeanor, and can lead to a series of consequences that include having the driver’s vehicle impounded.

What To Do At The Scene Of The Accident

If you are involved in an auto accident, the first thing you should try to do is take a deep breath and relax as much as possible.

Call 911 or the local authorities and describe the accident in as much detail as you can. Let the dispatcher know if you or anyone else needs immediate medical attention, as well as the location of your accident.

If your vehicle can start, you are required by state law to move to a safe location that’s close to the scene of the accident and off of the roadway.

Once a police officer has arrived and taken both driver’s information, make sure to ask for information or direction on how to obtain the accident report, who you should contact for immediate questions, and how to get your car if it needs to be towed.

What To Do After A Car Accident

State law requires you to report any accident to your insurance provider.

Not following through with an accident claim increases your chances of losing a possible lawsuit, if one should come up. It may also allow your insurance provider to justify not offering compensation for medical expenses or repair bills connected to the collision.

If the driver’s coverage is not enough to meet the amounted demanded in the other person’s claim, he should contact his personal attorney for options, according to the state bar’s website.

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