Where The Most Accident Injuries Occur

January 22, 2018 | General Tips

Where The Most Accident Injuries Occur | Fast HelpMost accident injuries are caused by vehicles or the work environment.

Still, the Atlanta personal injury attorneys at Fast Help represent people who sustain injuries elsewhere. The following information highlights other places accidents commonly occur.

Airports and On Airplanes

A few of our clients were injured after their airline attendants dropped scalding hot liquid on them. All of these cases were tried successfully with little resistance.

At The Grocery Store

Dozens of people each year are injured while grocery shopping. Most cases involve slip and fall accidents involving slippery surfaces that lack appropriate signage or fallen boxes. Other potential threats are packaging materials and sharp edges on shopping carts.

Restaurants and Bars

More people are injured while going out for dinner or grabbing drinks than anywhere else. Leaking kitchen pipes, spilled drinks, and many burning stoves cause a variety of injuries that range from concussions to burns.

Hair Salons and Barber Shops

Built to help people appear at their best, such establishments are known for performing the opposite action. Burnt scalps caused by excessive bleaching materials is a common complaint we represent, as well a few other injuries caused by negligent behavior.

Hotels and Motels

People who frequently travel and stay at hotels or motels are often injured by wet surfaces, overpolished floors, and spoiled room service food.

The Doctors Office

Believe it or not, medical malpractice and botched surgeries occur regularly throughout greater Atlanta region. Although these cases tend to take several months to a few years before a decision is reached, most compensation settlements are higher.

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