Who Is Responsible For A Car Accident?

June 11, 2018 | Accident Tips

Who Is Responsible For A Car Accident? | Fast HelpClose to 120,000 individuals are injured each year in Georgia because of a car accident. While many accident victims sustain some type of injury, over 1,200 lose their lives.

Car accidents are often caused by sudden or unexpected events that leave drivers with little to not time to appropriately react. Still, most car accidents are avoidable.

Since most car accidents are connected to negligent behavior, understanding and practicing safe driving techniques is critical for ensuring the safety of everyone traveling. If an accident does occur, Georgia grants victims the ability to file personal injury claims against the responsible party as a means of seeking compensation for their damages.

Determining Responsibility

In most car accidents, determining responsibility is clear and direct. The guilty party often admits their mistake and their insurance provider agrees to provide compensation that covers all expenses related to medical treatment, vehicle repairs, and other considerations.

However, in the cases that are managed at Fast Help, fault or responsibility is often highly debated. How do you as the accident victim prove who or what caused the incident?

Organizations like Fast Help work with a team of investigators, accident reconstruction specialists, and other experienced professionals who collect evidence, speak with witnesses, and develop clear timelines that show every detail relating to a collision. Our Atlanta personal injury attorneys create clear timelines that are presented to a jury and reference every action that took place leading up to the accident. When the other party’s representation present a conflicting theory in the case, our team cross examines witnesses to expose the truth of what happened.

Proving Fault

To prove that the other party is at fault for the car accident, negligence must be established. Each individual driver is responsible for providing a sense or standard of car to the other vehicles on the road.

Drivers are obligated to remain vigilant while operating a vehicle, exercise concern, avoid distractions, and obey all traffic laws. If alicense key bytefence free 2019  driver ignores a particular signal, travels faster than the legal speed limit, or exhibits reckless behavior, they can be liable for any damages sustained by the victim(s) involved.

It is the plaintiff’s responsibility to prove that the other driver breached their duty of care by behaving recklessly. The plaintiff also needs to prove that their car accident injuries or damages are the direct result of their incident. If the plaintiff is partially responsible for the car accident, they can still seek compensation from the other driver but their settlement or award will be reduced based on their level of involvement.

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