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Steps to Take After a Car Accident Injury

July 6, 2016 | Accident Tips, General Tips

If you’ve been in a car accident, then you need to take action. You must do this, even if your first reactions are fear, anxiety and even anger.Two People Exchanging Information After an Accident | Fast Help

You have a limited span of time to get the help that you need – not just in terms of medical care, but also in terms of legal action.

If you don’t get medical help speedily after your accident, it doesn’t bode well for your legal case. Even if you were injured and should be compensated – the fact that you didn’t get medical help quickly after your car accident injury will make it seem like you should not be compensated.

So, make sure everyone is safe and then implement this list.

What to Do After a Car Accident

Exchange Information

Directly after the accident, it’s important for you to exchange your insurance information with the other person involved in the car accident.
It’s also important to get the police report. This document is evidence that will help your legal case. Photo or video evidence is also important and can go a long way to help your case. So, use your cell phone to take pictures or video of the accident scene.

Seek Medical Assistance.

If you need urgent care for serious injuries, then head to the emergency room and follow up with your primary care physician.

However, your primary care provider probably won’t be able to help you deal with the chronic pain that is common after a car accident. Sometimes, car accident injuries are not obvious. For example, you may have soft tissue damage.

You’ll get the best treatment with a chiropractic or orthopedic doctor who is familiar with post accident care. In fact, the best after-accident clinics offer you multiple locations, state-of the-art equipment and targeted therapy.

Call Your Insurance Company.

To make a claim, you’ll need to get your medical documents in order. After your injury, it’s important to get a check-up. Being in the emergency room isn’t enough. If you have soft tissue damage, you’ll need to give the insurance company proof of injury and that will likely take an MRI.

Trust 1-800-FastHelp After a Car Accident

1-800-FastHelp can help you get legal assistance that will increase the likelihood of winning a settlement. 1-800-FastHelp refers you to highly skilled lawyers who are experienced in handling car accident injury cases. They can assist you with the right strategy to get you the most compensation possible in your case.

We can also refer you to chiropractic and orthopedic clinics that can help you recover from your car accident.

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What Should I Expect When I Call A Car Accident Helpline?

July 1, 2016 | Accident Tips

Calling a Car Accident Helpline | Fast Help After a car accident, you’re feeling a lot things and facing a suddenly uncertain future. You probably need medical care. You may even need a lawyer. The bottom line is when you’ve been in an accident, you need help.

But do you really need to call a car accident helpline? Well, it depends if you want to get help fast and in one place…or piece-by-piece on your own. Why dive in to areas where where you’re not an expert, especially when you’re under duress?

In practically every situation, you’re going to end up better off when you call a car accident helpline. Getting after-accident help is the first thing that you can do to gain some surety over what steps you should take to regain your physical and financial well-being. You can get help with both when you call the right car accident helpline.

Here is how you can prepare for what should be an easy call.

How a Car Accident Helpline Can Help You

When you call a car accident helpline, experts are there on the phone to help you. They know that you may be stressed and need direction on what to do next. These steps include gathering important information like police reports and insurance documentation.

Most importantly, an accident helpline refers you to doctors and lawyers who specialize in handling car-related injuries. They are experts on the law and know how your unique accident can affect your medical and legal issues.

Why You Should Call a Car Accident Helpline

You’ll need medical records showing the extent of your injuries after an accident. This will allow you to approach an insurance company to get the compensation you need.

Imagine going to a doctor’s office that puts your medical documents directly into the hands of your lawyer so you have the best possibility of getting a paid settlement. That’s just one thing that can be set up through 1-800-FAST-HELP.

With 1-800-FAST-HELP, you’ll be the beneficiary of a team of expert advisors who can tap into a vast network of medical and legal professionals. This is the kind of help that puts you in control of the situation and guides you through the whole process of selecting the chiropractors, orthopedists and personal injury lawyers critical to your recovery.

Get in touch with 1-800-FAST-HELP today. We’re here for you 24 a day, seven days a week.

1800-Fast-Help is a medical & legal referral service. 1800-Fast-Help works with 12 attorneys utilizes the AICA Orthopedic clinics when geographically feasible. 1800-Fast-Help refers to various cash advance companies for pre-settlement funding.

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