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Atlanta Auto Accident Checklist

June 28, 2021 | Accident Tips

Use this checklist if you are involved in an auto accident. Doing so can help ensure that your legal rights and physical health are protected from long-term harm. 

Auto Accident Checklist

Contact emergency authorities
Call 911 for police and medical assistance, if needed. Provide an accurate account to the police of what happened and ask for the officer’s name and department. Make sure to obtain the incident number, too. Even in minor collisions, a police accident report serves as the official record of events for insurance providers to review. photoshop 2021 crack reddit They may also appear in a personal injury claim if you should go to court. 

Maintain your composure
If you can position yourself in a safe environment away from oncoming traffic, make sure to do so. Turn your hazard lights on to make other drivers aware of your presence. Do not leave the scene of the accident. Do not discuss with any other driver or witness who is at fault or your insurance policy.

Exchange specific types of information with other drivers involved 
Record or take a photo of the name, address, phone number and/or email address, insurance information, and vehicle information of the drivers involved. If the driver does not own the vehicle they used at the time of the accident, write down their name, address, license number and state, date of birth, phone number, and/or email address.  download remove logo now full version You should also consider obtaining the contact information of any passengers and/or witnesses that are present. 

Take photos/video if you are in a safe location to do so
Use your smartphone to take pictures and/or videos of the accident scene, nearby traffic stations, street names, existing road conditions, other vehicles involved, and all property damage. Doing so will help validate potential accident or injury claims you may need to file later on. 

Contact Fast Help immediately
Call the legal and medical experts at Fast Help by dialing 1-800-FAST-HELP or (404) 592-0318. Subject to your coverage, we may provide cash advance services and connect you to a local repair shop. For further assistance, contact a Fast Help advocate. Our team of accident injury attorneys is available to assist you whenever you may need it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

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In The Event Of An Auto Accident Near Atlanta

June 21, 2021 | Accident Tips

After an auto accident, it is possible to feel physically well and free of injury. It is important to understand that most accident injuries do not present noticeable symptoms for several days and often times even weeks after the accident occurs.

Most accident injuries occur in collisions that see both drivers traveling under 5 miles per hour (mph). Most victims tend to feel normal after a crash because the body is still in shock. Once this type of shock wears off after a few days or weeks, performing basic activities like getting out of your bed suddenly becomes difficult to impossible to perform. Be sure to connect with a licensed chiropractor who specializes in treating accident injuries and one of the Fast Help’s medical doctors immediately after an accident even if you believe you are of sound health.

After a collision, it is important to speak with an experienced accident injury attorney. Those that are a part of the Fast Help network are familiar with helping victims obtain compensation for their damages. Do not try and settle a personal injury (i.e. auto accident) case without the support of a licensed attorney. If the other parties’ insurance agent attempts to contact you or ask you questions related to the accident, do not answer their calls.

Always hire an attorney and allow them to speak on your behalf. Most accident injuries do not require out-of-pocket expenses and most people only tend to pay a percentage of what’s required. One of our accident injury attorneys will guide you through your legal rights according to the State of Georgia and will work to ensure you have been compensated appropriately for your injuries, vehicle, belongings, and passengers.

Make sure your kids are supported after an accident. Is your child’s car seat ok to reuse after an accident? Learn what you should do with your children’s car seat after a collision, as well as how to ensure they are properly evaluated by a medical professional. 

Too often, accident victims make critical mistakes when it comes to managing an accident claim after an incident occurs. Even if you are traveling under 5 mph at the time of an accident, the impact can cause tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. Trying to find an experienced mechanic can be difficult, paying out-of-pocket for a rental car can be expensive, and working with a Fast Help attorney is the only way to ensure you are not responsible for such associated costs.

Follow these recommendations after an accident takes place:

  • Remain calm and refrain from speaking with anyone until the police have arrived on the scene. 
  • Review for any potential for injuries. If you are hurt or unsure whether you are injured, call an ambulance for help. 
  • Turn on your vehicle’s hazard lights. If you have other safety signal objects like cones or hazard signs, place them in the appropriate positions if you are in good health and safely parked on the side of the road.
  • Do not indulge the other driver’s request to refrain from calling the police. Obtaining an official accident report is critical for insurance adjusters and their ability to decide who is at fault. 
  • When questioned by the police, stick to the facts and try to keep personal sentiment out of the conversation. 
  • Collect the names, addresses, and contact information of any witnesses at the scene of the accident. 
  • Use your smartphone to take pictures and/or videos of the accident, the related damage, nearby streets, and any available traffic signals.

Call Fast Help’s Atlanta accident hotline after a collision to speak with our experienced attorneys and medical doctors about your experience. We can ensure your legal rights are protected, connect you with the medical treatment that’s appropriate for your injuries, and provide cash advance assistance if necessary. Just dial (404) 592-0318.

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How Insurance Rates Go Up After An Auto Accident

June 14, 2021 | Accident Tips


This history of your personal driving record and whether you have been found responsible for other accidents in the past are a couple of factors that can influence your insurance rates after an auto accident claim. If you are involved in a car accident, call our Atlanta accident hotline for immediate help and take a look at some things your insurance provider may review after you file an accident claim. 

The Extent of the Damage and Related Expenses

All accident claims are unique. For example, the extent of the damage and repairs required for a small fender bender significantly differs from a multi-vehicle pileup. Insurance adjusters carefully consider the cost and severity of a claim when determining whether your rates will increase over time. 

Your Personal Driving History

Auto insurance providers often weigh your personal driving history when determining the cost of your auto insurance premium. If you are determined to be high risk based on prior traffic offenses, you will likely experience an increase in your rates. Although you may be considered as a safe driver based on your driving record, your insurance provider can re-evaluate your status at any time. Still, simply filing an accident or insurance claim does not mean your rates will automatically increase.

Which Driver Is Responsible For The Accident

Increasing your insurance rates is also factored by who is found to be responsible or at fault for the accident. When filing an accident or insurance claim, your insurance provider will assign you your own adjuster to evaluate your case. Their primary focus is to assess the related damage and estimate the cost of repairs. The adjuster may use a copy of the police report to determine their decision, as well as speak with any witnesses that were present at the time of the accident. If there are photos or other forms of evidence connected to your case, the adjuster will take these into account, as well. With this information, the adjuster will determine who is responsible and in some cases, there may be more than one driver who’s found to be at fault.  video copilot element 3d license file free download

Will my rates go up after a no-fault accident?

Like most areas throughout the United States, the State of Georgia is registered as a fault state. This means that when two drivers are involved in an accident, the person who is deemed as responsible for the crash is liable for the other person’s damages (Georgia Code § 51-1-6).

If the at-fault driver possesses auto insurance (as required by the state), their insurance provider is on the hook for providing compensation. Such payments are delivered through automobile liability insurance, which all Georgia drivers must possess when registering a vehicle. The minimum requirements are:

  • $25,000 bodily injury coverage per driver
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  • $50,000 bodily injury coverage per accident
  • $25,000 property damage liability per occurrence

In Georiga, the driver that’s injured has the legal right to file a personal injury claim against the insurance provider that’s connected to the driver determined to be at fault. This is different from a no-fault insurance policy where the injured driver would need to file a claim with their personal insurance provider for compensation.

How long do accidents stay on my insurance?

If your insurance provider increases your rates after an at-fault collision, your rate may stay increased for three years. In some situations, a surcharge after an accident may eventually decrease each year that another accident doesn’t occur. A few providers offer a discount for a safe driving record, and such benefits may also be eliminated after a car crash occurs. Check with your insurance representative to learn specific details on how an accident may affect your premiums.

Call Fast Help to get all of the information you need

If you are involved in an accident, call the legal and medical experts at Fast Help. Our accident injury attorneys provide free consultations and if you need to file a claim, they will support you through the entire process without requiring a single payment from you. If you are injured and need medical attention, Fast Help can also connect you with a medical doctor that specializes in personal injury. Just dial (404) 592-0318 for more information and immediate support. 

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How To File An Auto Accident Claim In Atlanta

June 7, 2021 | General Tips

 The State of Georgia allows accident injury victims to file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver.

If you brought a lawsuit against another driver as a result of an accident injury you sustained caused by their actions and it did not result in a fair settlement, we can help. The legal experts at Fast Help can help you bring a different type of lawsuit that’s applied to the at-fault driver instead of their insurance provider. Call our Atlanta accident hotline after a car crash to get the compensation you deserve and are entitled to. Call (404) 592-0318 for a free consultation

Most accident injury victims who file a claim are only interested in receiving a fair settlement that allows them to go back to their normal lifestyle. If the at-fault driver (or their attorney or insurance provider) refuses to provide a fair offer, you are entitled to create a civil lawsuit or file a personal injury claim.

The difference between a car insurance claim and a car accident lawsuit

Here are a few notable differences between these two processes.

Whenever you are involved in an auto accident, you are required to provide notice to your insurer before you can be reimbursed for the associated damages. This concept describes an insurance claim. During this exercise, it is your responsibility to work with the insurance adjusted assigned to your claim and negotiate how much compensation you’ll receive to return your vehicle back to its prior condition.

When filing a civil lawsuit against another driver, you are essentially declaring a legal matter exists and requires the attention of a judge. Car accident lawsuits are litigated in civil court by the plaintiff who argues or attempts to justify why they need a particular amount of money to compensate their damages. There are a few required steps an accident victim must take for their case to be seen by a judge. 

First: File an accident claim

In the State of Georgia, a civil lawsuit is initiated when the accident victim (the “plaintiff”) files a complaint or petition with the court. This form outlines the events that took place at the time of the accident including the extent of the damages and the justification for bringing the case to court. Once the complaint is officially filed with the court, the lawsuit can begin to be processed. 

Second: Deliver the claim to the defendant

Delivering or “serving” the other driver (potential defendant) means that you are giving them an official notice that they are being sued and why. Every individual who is served a civil lawsuit is legally entitled to know what they are being accused of and they connected evidence against them. Although a civil lawsuit is not criminal in nature, the defendant still has the legal right to provide a proper defense. 

Third: The defendant provides an official response

The response that’s filed with the court outlines the defendant’s point of view on the accident. They can admit or deny any aspect of the lawsuit’s claims and provide their explanation as to why they were potentially justified in their behavior at the time of the collision. 

Fourth: Discovery                                                                                       

Both the plaintiff and the defendant are legally obligated to provide information and evidence that’s relevant to their case. Exchanging this information with each party refers to the “discovery process”. With this, each party has an equal opportunity to plan their case accordingly since each side gets to personally evaluate the opposing evidence against them. This phase often includes demands for further documentation, the collection of witness statements, and depositions. 

Fifth: Going to trial

Once both parties have submitted all of the associated evidence to each other, they can present their case in court. This phase is referred to as a trial and tends to flow like this:

  • Each party provides an opening statement that summarizes the intent of each side’s argument and how they plan on approaching the case.
  • The plaintiff or accident victim will discuss their evidence, which may comprise of photographs, witness statements, and oral testimony. 
  • The defendant or the accused is allowed to cross-examine the plaintiff’s witnesses, as well as present a defense case. 
  • Once the defendant has completed their cross-examination, the plaintiff is then allowed to do the same against the defendant’s list of witnesses. 
  • Both parties will present a closing argument that summarizes the evidence presented and demonstrates how the evidence proves their case. 
  • Either a judge or jury will consider all evidence presented and provide a verdict. The verdict is entered and if the outcome favors the plaintiff, the defendant is legally responsible to provide compensation. 

Keep a few things in mind

Since most people involved in a car accident aren’t aware of the legal requirements around filing a claim or a civil lawsuit, it is highly recommended to work with an experienced attorney during this process. The Atlanta car accident attorneys at Fast Help can manage the entire process for you. Call  (404) 592-0318 to speak with an attorney for free about your case and the potential to obtain compensation for your damages. We never require payment unless we win your case and provide great cash advance programs to ensure you’re able to maintain your normal lifestyle during the process. 

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How Insurance Adjusters Try To Devalue Accident Claims

May 31, 2021 | General Tips

Tactics insurance adjusters often use to reduce the value of an accident claim

The National Safety Council reports that the average injury accident costs the victim close to $336,000 across lost wages, medical expenses, and overall impact on their quality of life. To mitigate these expenses, victims often seek compensation from their insurance provider by filing an accident claim. 

Although you pay monthly premiums against the insurance policy you possess, it is not in the insurer’s best interest to provide fair compensation for the damages you sustain as a result of an accident. The end goal of any insurance provider is to maximize savings. To support this goal, insurance companies utilize insurance adjusters who evaluate accidents and scrutinize various details with the objective of providing the least amount of compensation possible.

What Is An Insurance Adjuster

Insurance or claims adjusters work for your insurance provider and investigate accident reports. Many adjusters focus on personal injury and property damage claims, two specific subjects that tend to be the most expensive claims for insurers. And, although the adjuster who is assigned to your case may come off friendly, it’s important to know that they are not on your side. Their position requires them to try and settle your claim as easily and as cost-effectively as possible. 

To meet this goal, adjusters often use tactics that manipulate accident victims to believe that if they do not settle quickly, they will never receive any compensation whatsoever. If you are in an accident and require compensation for your damages, call our Atlanta accident hotline to speak with legal and medical professionals for free. After you call Fast Help, review the following tactics that adjusters often use to protect your case and the ability to maximize your compensation. windows blind 10 product key

Creating a narrative that places blame or guilt on the victim

Since insurance adjusters are focused on getting you to settle as quickly as possible, they often try to confuse you by creating a narrative of the accident that positions you as responsible. Adjusters will try to catch you off guard and speak with you in person unexpectedly. In these situations, they’ll try to present a quick, low-sum offer in exchange for a release agreement. If this happens to you, do not sign anything without the supervision and approval of a qualified accident attorney. 

Understanding that it can take weeks or months before the complete extent of your potential accident injuries appears, it is not in your best interest to sign anything or settle soon after your accident. 

Using your own statements against you

Many insurance or claims adjusters will try to trick accident victims by using clever wordplay to confuse them and get them to make statements that reduce their credibility. For instance, an adjuster may ask you how you’re feeling. Simple enough. If you respond with anything that shows you’re in good health, they may report that when speaking to you privately, you disclosed that you’re perfectly fine and weren’t experiencing any level of pain. 

If an adjuster attempts to speak with you directly, it is in your best interest to refer them to your accident attorney. 

Trying to convince you that an attorney isn’t necessary

The biggest threat to any adjuster is an experienced accident or personal injury attorney. A Fast Help attorney will not let them manipulate your case or use tactics that attempt to bypass your legal rights. Studies show that settlements are 40 percent higher for accident victims who are represented by an attorney instead of managing their cases autonomously. photoshop 2020 crack reddit

Seeking permission to review your medical records

To prove whether your injuries are legitimate, adjusters will often attempt to review your medical records. Allowing them to do so gives them complete access to your history, which they can use to your detriment. Unrelated past injuries can be used to diminish the legitimacy of your current health and cited as the true cause of the pain you experience today. 

Do not give an adjuster authorization or permission to see your medical records. Our Fast Help attorneys can help guide you through the legal landscape connected to medical record authorization. We will make sure that your insurer will only see the documentation that’s required. sound pad cracked

Having you followed by an investigator

Your insurer can legally have an investigation follow you while an accident claim is being processed. From your home to your place of business – they have a legal right to follow you in any public setting. If they catch you partaking in any type of physical activity that can be used to devalue the extent of your injuries, they will use this as evidence to justify a low-sum settlement offer. 

Even adding content on social media can be used against you. Your Fast Help accident attorney can help you avoid these potential setbacks. 

Your Fast Help accident attorney will fight for you and protect your legal rights

While insurance adjusters work tirelessly on behalf of their employers, our Atlanta accident injury attorneys are here to do the same for you. By working with Fast Help, you are able to protect the integrity of your claim and position yourself for maximum compensation.  windows blind product key

Don’t allow an adjuster to ruin your case and long-term future – call Fast Help immediately after an accident occurs. Just dial (404) 592-0318

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Negligence Lawsuits in Georgia

May 24, 2021 | General Tips

If you are an accident victim due to circumstances that could have been avoided, you may want to file a negligence lawsuit. 

If you are injured in an accident that’s caused by another person, you are entitled to file a negligence claim to compensate for whatever damages you endure. Negligence lawsuits comprise of four individual phases that must be established for you to obtain compensation. These phases are duty, breach of duty, causation, and injury. If you are considering filing a negligence lawsuit against another party, call Fast Help to speak with one of our Atlanta accident injury attorneys to learn more about your options. 

The legal definition of negligence

An accident victim can file a negligence claim when they are injured as a result of another person’s actions. Even more accurate is that the circumstances leading or the accident could have been avoided or corrected. Common lawsuits connected to this concept include

Georgia’s negligence laws highlight two specific requirements that need to be met for accident victims to obtain compensation for their damages. The first is that the property owner or manager was aware of the present danger or hazard. The second is that the accident victim used “ordinary care” on the property to maintain their safety, yet “lacked knowledge of the hazard” due to the behavior or actions of the property owner or manager. 

An accident victim is entitled to compensation if the defendant was aware of a threat and didn’t do enough to resolve or rectify the issue, or if they did not provide enough notice that a threat existed. For the accident victim, they must prove that they were behaving in a way that is viewed as reasonable and responsible.  

What the concept of “fault” means in Georgia

Many accident victims are nervous about pursuing legal action out of concern that they may have been partially responsible for the situation. Fortunately, Georgia is a modified comparative fault state. The state maintains that an individual may obtain compensation in a lawsuit so long as they are not more than halfway responsible for the accident. thaiphoon burner download

The concept of “fault” also influences how compensation is configured. Your total compensation can be reduced by your percentage of responsibility or fault. For example, if the damages connected to your accident total $100,000 but you are responsible for 25% of the accident, you are only eligible to receive $75,000. 

Statute of limitations for negligence claims in Georgia

Your right to collect damages in a personal injury claim is based on your ability to file a claim in a timely manner. If an accident victim tries to create a lawsuit after the time limit has expired, the potential to obtain compensation will be missed and the case will be dismissed. 

Georgia Statute of Limitations - Personal Injury Claim

If you are injured in an accident and believe you’re entitled to compensation, call Fast Help to speak with an experienced attorney for free. We can help you kick-start the complaint process, guide you through the entire legal process and set you up for maximum rewards. Call our Atlanta accident hotline after an accident – just dial (404) 592-0318.

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Road Safety Tips for Back to School

August 2, 2018 | General Tips

Road Safety Tips for Back to School | Fast Help

Road Safety Tips for Back to School | Fast HelpWith the new school year comes major highway congestion as school buses pick up students, kids ride their bicycles to school, and parents rush to drop their children off before work.

During this time, it’s critical that drivers slow down and pay careful attention to the road, especially while school is in session.


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Fast Help’s Atlanta Car Accident Attorneys Represent Side-Impact Collisions

June 27, 2018 | Accident Tips

Car Accident Attorneys Represent Side-Impact Collisions | Fast Help

Car Accident Attorneys Represent Side-Impact Collisions | Fast HelpThe process for determining who is at-fault during a rear-end collision is fairly simple. The driver that collides with another vehicle’s bumper is usually held responsible because they were either following too closely or were distracted at the time of the accident.

For side-impact car accidents, determining responsibility is more complicated. Accident reconstruction specialists are required to understand which car swerved into the opposing lane and the reasons for this behavior.


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How To Choose A New Personal Injury Doctor

June 20, 2018 | General Tips

How To Choose A New Personal Injury Doctor | Fast HelpWhen an accident occurs and injuries are sustained, choosing the right personal injury doctor is critical for ensuring a complete recovery. If you are looking for a new doctor, it’s important to know what characteristics to look for and to select one that is approved by your health insurance provider.


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Should You Fire Your Personal Injury Attorney?

June 18, 2018 | General Tips

Should You Fire Your Personal Injury Attorney? | Fast Help

Should You Fire Your Personal Injury Attorney? | Fast HelpIn any environment, you may not agree with the opinions and approach of your peers. Unfortunately, this is true in attorney-client relationships, too. Although a personal injury attorney is a critical component of any successful claim, it’s imperative to understand that the relationship you have with your representation is complex by nature.


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